A guide the Kent Salon Brushes you need

Taryn Davies
Published: September 3, 2017

Our hair only looks as good as the tools we use on it, it’s important to have high-quality products if we want our hair to look its best, and Kent Salon Brushes definitely have the excellence.

The Salon Brushes are a range of bespoke hair brushes, made by Kent and sold directly to salons and never on the high street – but thankfully, Amazon has managed to get their hands on them and thankfully we can order them straight to our front door.

Thanks to 235 years of experience in making the finest hair brushes, the Kent in-house designers, and craftsmen research, sketched, sampled, moulded, built, tested and produced the world’s most definitive range of salon professional brushes.

The brushes are designed with purpose, precision, and authenticity.

The Kent Salon Brushes are designed to detangle, blow dry and style your locks and it’s all done in comfort thanks to the ergonomic handle. The design is crafted to fit every size of hand, from the dainty to the heavy weight. The handle has a feel that is soft and smooth, as well as firm and lightly textures for a good grip.

The handles start with a slender neck and the six elevated chrome fins offer the perfect balance between grip and glide, enabling you to work the brush easily without compromising on stability and technique.

Kent Salon brushes are not just typical hair brushes, these are precision toos for those seeking perfection when it comes to hair styling.

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