Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Published: October 31, 2017

So, you've planned the perfect Halloween. Scary Films, Cocktails, Treats - it's all done! But you've forgotten to get yourself a costume for the big night! It's easily done. We can get way too wrapped up in planning an event for Halloween that we neglect our own scary costume. This is why we've made a handy list of some last minute costumes that you can make at home. If you have time, you can still nip to the nearest supermarket and find some deals on costumes and make up alike!

Traditional Costumes

One way to muster up a spooky costume is by going as a Mummy! All you need it jeans, a shit, toilet roll and voila! Wrap the roll around your arms, chest and neck before adding some dark smokey eye makeup. Cheap and cheerful but everyone will know who you are! If you wanna be a bit extra, why not contour with black eyeshadow, and highlight with a light shimmer shade? You can find a number of tutorials online for skull looks, so why not have a play around and see what you can achieve?

Other DIY costumes you can create at home include a ghost, sugar skill, or pop art character. For the latter, you will definitely need white foundation or eyeliner! Other than that, they're a perfect example of DIY costumes that you can achieve last minute.

Ironic Costumes

If you're after something a bit more quirky, there are plenty of ideas that you can bring to life at home! Sometimes, you want something a bit more out of the box, so why not ditch tradition and head for something a little more out there! Got a favourite emoji? Why not dress up as it! Obviously... If it's the plane one then you might find it a bit difficult... But say it's the aubergine (I won't ask why) paint yourself purple and wear a green hat.

Alternatively, why not go as your favourite meme? For Author clenching his fist, all you need is makeshift ears (cotton wool + foundation), a yellow jumper and some jeans! If you can think of something witty, you may find that it's easy to make it at home. For example - why not go as "raining men". Glue some portraits of celebs onto string, then glue the string from an umbrella!

Pop Culture Costumes

If you want something a bit more up to date and funny, why not dress as a celeb or scandal... For example, you can overline your lips, pop a pillow under your shirt and go as pregnant Kylie Jenner. Or, if you're blonde, draw snakes up your arms and go as Taylor Swift (no shade). If you're after something cool from a cult film, why not dress up with pals and go as Wayne & Garth from Wayne's World? All you need to do is backcomb your hair, wear a black cap (if you're Wayne) and we're 90's style ripped jeans. Sorted!