Style tips for the ultimate long haul flight outfit

Taryn Davies
Published: April 17, 2018

Travelling long haul can be tedious, but definitely worth it when you arrive at your exotic location, of course, you want to look your best but when you’re spending hours and hours on a plane, comfort definitely comes into it too. We share our style tips for the ultimate long-haul flight outfit that’s both comfortable and looks good too.

We’ve thought of everything, from the top and pants, the shoes you should wear and the bag you should carry. Here’s what you should wear on your next long-haul flight.


Cotton is your go-to fabric here, you want to feel like you can move around with ease when you’re on the plane. A striped t-shirt, whether long or short will always be chic, but then again a plain white tee can look good too. It just depends on how prone you are to spilling things down you; if you’re in a confined space you don’t want the possibility of splashing your aeroplane food all down the front of your pristine top. Maybe stick to darker shades when shopping for your flight top.

A denim shirt is another good top choice too, they can be worn with tees and vests and look great when paired with printed trousers or something similar on the bottom. You can use your denim jacket as a shacket, and throw it on over whatever else you choose to wear. It’s a great option to have on your holiday too, wear it in the evenings when things might get a little colder.


Personally, we think jeans are a no go on flights, especially skinny jeans. But for some people, they might think they’re the best option. If you do choose to wear jeans, definitely stick to a looser fit, like a boyfriend style and don’t choose denim that’s really thick and heavy, you want to be able to move in them, so something with a little stretch is probably your best bet.

Other pant options include peg leg or tapered trousers, these look stylish, particularly printed versions and feel really comfortable too – just avoid a pair that is incredibly tight at the waist, feeling restricted for X hours is not going to put you in the best of moods.

A pair of activewear leggings are another good option, and perfect for those really long flights and night flights when you know you’re going to be sleeping. Wear them with a longline top and a hoody layered over too. This is the ultimate in comfort, and recent style dictates that your activewear is no longer reserved for just the gym.


We definitely don’t mean a cute little mini when we talk about dresses on a flight, you want a cotton or jersey midi or maxi dress that’s easy to move in and will keep your legs covered when the plane gets cold. They’re easy to layer t-shirts underneath, or denim shirts or jackets over the top and look just as good with sandals for when you’ve arrived at your destination or trainers whilst you’re in the airport and on the flight.


Jumpsuits might be a little tricky when you get to the loo, but other than that they’re really comfortable to wear, look really stylish and they’re so easy to wear as well. Choose a jersey or cotton fabric for the ultimate in comfort. If you choose a jumpsuit with thin straps, wear a t-shirt underneath as an extra layer for when the air conditioning kicks in.

Jackets and layers

Planes get chilly, there’s no denying it, so having layers to hand is essential when you’re flying. Soft and fluffy jumpers are always great to cosy into, as our cardigans. Denim shirts and khaki jackets are a great stylish option and we love a hoody for when you really want to curl up on the plane and get comfortable.

It doesn’t really matter what jacket you choose, just the fact that you bring one. The likelihood is you’re going to be reaching for it after an hour or so, on the plane.


Shoes that slip on and off easily are definitely the best option here, simply because you’ll have to remove them as you go through airport security, so leave the gladiator lace-up sandals in your case for when you arrive.

A pair of shoes that you know are comfortable is the best bet, whether it’s trainers, pumps, ballet flats or sliders. If you do choose to wear sandals or flip-flops, just make sure that you pack a pair of socks in your bag, otherwise, your feet will freeze when you’re in the air.


You want a decent sized handbag or backpack to take on the plane with you, just to make sure that you have plenty of room to carry the essentials that you might need in-flight, things like your phone, iPad, tablet or Kindle, magazines, books, snacks to keep you going, socks, any in-flight beauty products you might want to use. Oh and don’t forget your tickets and passport – the real essentials for when you’re flying.


Keep your jewellery to a minimum and avoid wearing a belt to accessorise because you’re only going to need to take them off when you go through security. Keep things simple when you fly, you don’t want to worry about hair getting tangled in your earrings or necklaces. Remember to pack a scarf in your bag as well, this is great to use as a blanket if you plan to sleep on the plane or a makeshift pillow too.

Long haul flight outfit checklist

  • Wear shoes that slip on and off
  • Wear layers that you can take on and off with ease
  • Pack extra socks to keep your feet warm in-flight
  • Don’t wear anything too restrictive or something that digs in
  • Take a scarf/pashmina with you
  • Avoid too much jewellery and belts that aren't necessary