How to look like a Princess every day

Taryn Davies
Published: December 14, 2017

With a royal wedding coming up soon and all eyes on Meghan Markle’s transformation from TV star to Princess, we thought it was a good time to tell you more about how you can dress like royalty.

Meghan Markle’s Hair And Beauty Secrets


Kate Middleton has already developed her own distinctive style, but Meghan Markle is sure to bring a bit more Hollywood glamour to the Royals. One thing is for sure, both Kate and Meghan are style icons in their own right, and with these tips, you can embody the stylish sophistication they both exude.

Enhance One Feature

This may be fashion advice that’s often dispensed, but if you want to dress like a princess, it is advice you need to remember. You don’t want to be the centre of attention with a short skirt, eye-popping cleavage and open back, instead, you want to draw attention to one of your best features in the subtlest way. Take a leaf out of Princess Di’s book, as she often wore dresses with a high neckline and a scooped back, and always looked phenomenal.

Focus on Fit

The way your clothes fit is almost as important as the style of them. A flattering fit is key, and you should never wear clothes that are too tight or pull in places. This is how Kate Middleton looks effortlessly chic even after spending all day on her feet, she never looks creased or crumpled, and this is because her clothes fit her correctly. Tailored dresses and pants are always a good option, and if you can’t afford to splash out, rather opt for clothes that fit you well, than those that are ill-fitting.

Fashion tips to take from Kate Middleton

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Stay Natural

A princess is always in the limelight and after Meghan and Harry announced their engagement on TV, everyone scrutinised the bride to be’s appearance closely. Even the harshest critics would have found it difficult to fault her, as she looked gorgeous and glowing, and was certainly not overly made up or artificial. Meghan is proof that heavy makeup or unnatural colours are always a no-no, and natural is better. Rather enhance the features you have, than go overboard with contouring a la Kim Kardashian. Stick to natural hues, opt for a classic natural manicure and if you colour your hair, make sure your roots never show. Whilst on the topic of hair, it is also essential that you look after your tresses and keep them in tiptop condition. A good cut and colour will make you feel like a princess too and is always an excellent investment.

Keep Casual Classy

Even a princess doesn’t spend all day in an evening gown, and dressing comfortably doesn’t have to mean ditching the glamour factor. Kate always looks good, even when walking her dog, and Meghan has been snapped aside the tennis court and out and about shopping, looking relaxed but classy. The trick here it seems is to choose casual clothes that fit well and that flatter. Jeans and a sweater don’t have to look frumpy, and when paired with stylish flat boots can look very sophisticated. Adding a hat can also make casual look better than ever, and can add an element of interest to an otherwise plain outfit too.