MAC Eyeshadows: The best shades for blue eyes

Taryn Davies
Published: March 14, 2018

MAC eyeshadows are ultra pigmented, easy to work with and last incredibly well. When you find the right shade for your eye colour they truly can make your eyes pop, so we’ve rounded the must-have MAC eyeshadows for blue eyes.

Amber lights

Amber lights is a gorgeous combination of golden yellow and glitter. It looks just as good washed over the lid as it does layered with other eyeshadows to create a gorgeous smoky eye look. This colour looks beautiful blended with something like Cork or Espresso into the creases for a warm eye look that will make blue eyes stand out.

MAC Amber Lights


Woodwinked is a staple MAC eyeshadow shade, quite simply because it looks good on all eye coloured. The warm antiqued gold shade has a slight red tone to the colour and is a veluxe pearl finish, which gives it a slight metallic shine. This is another great shadow that looks beautiful on its own or blended with other colours.

MAC Woodwinked

Beauty Marked

Beauty Marked is an eyeshadow that might not look like much in the pan, but once you swatch the shadow you’ll see just how much of a beauty it really is. Beauty Marked is described as Black-Red with a sparkle pearl. The colour is bold and beautiful. Perfect to create smoky eye looks or worn smudged as a liner too, it really will make your eyes stand out.

MAC Beauty Marked


Sketch is a burgundy eye shade with a slight shimmer. It’s nothing to overpowering, so you’ll find that you can wear this colour during the day. The colour is quite intense so it might take some practise getting used to use this colour, but once you’ve mastered blending this eyeshadow you’ll be delighted with the results.

MAC Sketch


MAC Bronze eyeshadow is another must-have shade for every eye colour. The true Bronze shade has a subtle metallic tint, and although it’s a Frost finish, it isn’t overly metallic. Which means you can wear this colour day-to-day or on the weekends too. The creamy shadow blends beautifully on its own or with other eye colours.

MAC Bronze


Cranberry is a gorgeous standout shade that might look a little off-putting at first. The pink shadow has reddish brown tones and looks gorgeous on blue eyes. This particular eye shadow looks gorgeous worn alone, perhaps with some dark liner to add a little definition into the eyes. Really work at blending Cranberry into the eyes, and you’ve got a gorgeous eye colour that’s perfect for autumn and winter.

MAC Cranberry


MAC Smut is a smoky neutral shade, it’s sort of dark brown, dark grey and it’s not too warm or too cool. It’s not as harsh as black, but provides definition to the eyes either smoked out or used as a liner.

MAC Smut


Patina is another MAC eyeshadow everyone should have in their makeup stash. The golden brown colour has a little shine to it. And the lovely golden warmth to the eyeshadow shade makes it perfect for blue eyes. Apply this all over the lid or blended in with other shades for a multi-dimensional eye look.

MAC Patina


Coppering like Cranberry is another eye colour that might look a little intimidating in the pan, but once you get to grips with this shade we’re pretty confident you’ll reach for it day after day. The rich copper colour has a veluxe pearl finish. Wear it on its own blended up to the crease, or blend in with darker warm browns for a smoky look that’s bang on trend at the minute.

MAC Coppering


MAC Sable eyeshadow is a beautiful combination of red, copper and brown shimmer. It looks gorgeous worked with All the Glitters or worn alone on the lid. It’s not glittery so there’s no fallout from the eyeshadow, and it’s beautifully creamy to work with so blends easily.

MAC Sable


MAC Mulch is a brown shade with a rich golden sheen running through it. It adds depth and warmth to blue eyes. It looks gorgeous layered over a dark matte colour to intensify the shimmer in the shade, and also looks gorgeous when smudged into the lash line for a smoky eye look.

MAC Mulch

Satin Taupe

Satin Taupe is another eyeshadow shade that everyone needs to try, simply because you’re bound to fall in love with this gorgeous purple taupe shade. The colour is deep and intense and looks gorgeous worn alone or with other purple-toned eyeshadows for a statement smoky eye.

MAC Satin Taupe

All that Glitters

All that Glitters is a pretty shade that’s works perfectly as an eye brightening shade, you’ll find yourself always reaching this to brighten your inner eye corners. The eye shadow is neutral, and is a gorgeous combination of beige and shimmery golden pearl hues.

MAC All That Glitters


Contrast eyeshadow from MAC is a deep navy blue colour, it goes on lighter than in the pan, but builds up beautifully for a more intense shade if you’d prefer. The Velvet finish can be tricky to work with at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love the colour pay off from Contrast, the trick is to really pack on the colour when it comes to this shadow. It’s intense but looks simply gorgeous on blue eyes.

MAC Contrast

Silver Ring

Silver Ring is a grey eyeshadow with silver sheen, it looks beautiful with Contrast, and really makes blue eyes pop. Admittedly the colour isn’t as pigmented as other MAC eyeshadows, but it layers up beautifully and is a really easy shade to work with.

MAC Silver Ring


Cork is a neutral, shimmery, creamy brown eyeshadow. It’s a staple colour in your makeup palette and is perfect to blend with many of the more statement colours in your collection. You might not necessarily wear this alone, but you’ll find yourself blending it with many of your other shades to make your blue eyes more alluring. This will add depth to them.

MAC Cork

Expensive Pink

Expensive Pink is definitely a pretty eyeshadow colour, with pink and golden rosy pigments, and it looks gorgeous on blue eyes. Create a gorgeous warm-toned smoky eye by pairing this Cranberry.

MAC Expensive Pink