MAC Mocha Blush review

Taryn Davies
Published: December 21, 2017

MAC Mocha Blush is one of those shades you’ll bypass time and time again, until you’ve tried it once, and you’ll love the natural-looking, radiant effect it gives you.

MAC Mocha Blush An unsung makeup hero’s easy to be swayed by the bright and pretty shades when you head to the MAC counter, but one swatch of Mocha and you’ll find yourself converted to a new everyday shade that looks gorgeous on most skin colours.

MAC list this shade as a ‘soft plum pink’, but it’s definitely a perfect rosy brown pink that flatters most complexions because of the soft matte finish. It’s, of course, shimmer free, with a slight blue undertone, but nothing that would make it problematic to wear.

The great thing about Mocha is that it looks completely natural; you don’t have to carefully apply this blush, because it has such a gorgeous buildable colour that’s hard to overdo.

MAC do matte blushes really well, they’re attractively pigmented, soft to touch and more importantly don’t look cakey on application. They give the skin a naturally beautiful flush of colour that wears well and creates a veil of colour on the skin.

It's £18.50 for the MAC Mocha Blush so it isn’t a particularly cheap blusher, but a little of this blush goes a long way, and it takes a while to hit the pan like all MAC blush products.

MAC Mocha Blush An unsung makeup hero

Highly pigmented, long-wearing power, radiant finish, natural looking, lightweight, blends easily, like all MAC blushes it takes a while to hit pan


Pricey – but you get what you pay for with a MAC blush

Bottom Line

MAC  have a knack for creating blush colours that don’t look like much in the pan, but as soon as you apply, they transform into a gorgeous, glowing shade that makes you whole face just look better. Mocha is one of these blushes. If you have yet to swatch this blush, head to your nearest counter, try it out, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to buy. It’s a gorgeous natural shade that perks up the skin in one quick application. Not only that but the blusher lasts really well, feels lightweight on the skin, and is easy to blend – it’s hard to overdo it with this colour.

It might not be the most glamorous of beauty buys, but it’s something you’ll find yourself applying day after day.

MAC Mocha Blush An unsung makeup hero

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