MAC Patina eyeshadow review

Taryn Davies
Published: July 18, 2016

MAC Patina eyeshadow review Patina eyeshadow may not be a standout shade that catches your eyes on the racks, but it’s one of those colours you’ll find yourself using time and time again. Here’s why.

The eyeshadow is described as a taupe brown with a golden pearl with a Frost finish.

Patina’s magic lies in her flexibility. In the pan, she might be a shimmery, rich medium shade with subtle copper highlights, but on the face, her colour varies depending on the wearer’s skin tone.

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The texture is soft, smooth and blendable and the colour payoff is fully opaque.

This eyeshadow is perfect to use as a wash over your entire lid or to blend in with other shades too. It has a beautifully natural look that brightens the eyes perfectly.


Suits most skin types, blendable, pigmented, soft texture, smooth


We can’t think of any

MAC Patina eyeshadow review

Bottom Line

MAC Patina eyeshadow is a unique shade we think everyone should have in their makeup collection. It’s a versatile shade that you’ll use as a wash all over your lids or mixed in with others for a more dramatic look. It can take some time to get used to using this shade, but honestly play with and see how you can incorporate it into your makeup routine. Once you’ve mastered how it works best for you, you won’t look back.

MAC Patina eyeshadow review MAC eyeshadow

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