Makeup brushes you never knew you needed – L.A.B.2’s Green Tea line

Taryn Davies
Published: May 4, 2018

You can’t really have too many makeup brushes, in our opinion, and the L.A.B.2 new line of cruelty-free infused brushes are definitely a new addition you need to make, particularly the Green Tea line of tools.

LAB 2 Green Tea Makeup Brushe Kit 2The award-winning brush range has designed a new line of tools that have a twist, and it’s the perfect excuse as to why you need to buy them.

The cruelty-free brushes come in two options, one infused with Green Tea Powder, which we tried out, and the other Charcoal powder.

The addition of these ingredient infusions is made to help benefit your skin and its ability to heal, as well as them being antibacterial.

L.A.B.2’s new brushes are designed with synthetic fibres so they’re cruelty-free but still manage to feel super soft and plush when you swipe them across your face.

The brushes are available in kits, so you get a selection of brushes at once, there’s the Total Face Kit, the Total Eye Kit and the Contour and Highlight Kit.

Altogether there’s everything you need for a flawless face.

Benefits of a green tea infused brush

So exactly what is the point of having your makeup brushes infused with ingredients like green tea powder? Green tea is something that we should all be drinking on a daily basis, simply because there are so many different benefits that it can have on our overall health, and it can really benefit the skin too.

Green tea has plenty of healing properties, which means it can have a calming and soothing effect on the skin.

Green tea is a great ingredient for those with both sensitive and combination skin types.

The brushes are anti-microbial, which means they’re designed to stay fresher for longer. Now we’re not advocating that you use this as an excuse to not clean your makeup brushes as often as you should, because that’s definitely something we should all be doing regularly.

The brushes are permanently infused with the green tea, so the benefits won’t be washed away when you clean your brushes, which is a huge plus.

The green tea powder boasts both vitamins and antioxidants which help to benefit the skin’s health, these include vitamin C to brighten and vitamin E which has hydrating properties.

LAB 2 Green Tea Makeup Brushe KitL.A.B2 Green Tea Total Face Makeup Brush Kit

The Total Face Brush Kit is made up of four brushes, inside you’ll find a powder brush, an angled blush brush, a foundation brush and a concealer brush.

Powder Brush – The powder brush is a decent size to quickly sweep across your face and is great used for a setting powder or a bronzer too.

Angled Blush Brush – The angled blush brush is a good choice for either blushers or highlight as the angled design makes it easy to apply the colour in the desired shape of the cheekbones.

Foundation Brush – Admittedly it’s been a while since we’ve used this type of foundation brush, favouring buffing foundation brushes. But it’s a good size and lets you apply foundation easily, we’re more likely to use this as a face mask application brush though.

Concealer Brush – The tip on this concealer brush is really small, making it ideal for precise application of concealer on blemishes.


High-quality brushes, complete kits with a good selection of useful brushes, feel soft to touch, anti-microbial, benefits of the green tea won’t be washed away

LAB 2 Green Tea Makeup BrushesCons

We’re not exactly sure if our skin has seen any real benefit from the green tea powder

Bottom line

Even though we’re not sure if our skin has seen a direct benefit from the addition of the green tea powder, the L.A.B.2 Green Tea infused makeup brushes are still a delightful addition to our makeup brush collection. The brushes certainly stand out with their green bristles, but the cruelty-free tools are really good quality, wash really well and make your application of makeup a dream to do.

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