Mavala Double Lash review

Taryn Davies
Published: August 9, 2017

Mavala Double Lash review extensions, falsies or just a lengthening mascara – there are ways to fake long fluttery lashes, but with the Mavala Double Lash, there’s no need to.

Mavala Double Lash is designed to target weak and short lashes and does this with a blend of efficient and exceptional ingredients, which will result in lashes that look fuller and feel stronger.

Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash Night Treatment contains proteins and natural active ingredients which strengthen, cover and protect the lashes allowing them to become healthy, long and resistant.

The formulation, a clear odourless liquid housed in a sturdy glass bottle, combines protein and natural ingredients that speed up the growth of lashes. You apply this as you would a mascara to bare lashes before bedtime so it works while you sleep.

With 10ml of product this little bottle will last a while and considering you can get it for less than £13 on Amazon, it’s definitely worth the month.

This can also be used on eyebrows, which no doubt will make it run out quicker, but if you want to thicken up sparse brows it’s definitely worth it.

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Mavala Double Lash review

Easy to use, thickens lashes, helps prevent lash fall out, good value for money and can be used on the eyebrows too


Doesn’t really double the double the length, but it lengthened them more than we expected

Bottom line

If you’re looking for a product that’s going to help your lashes grow, stop falling out and thicken up, we’d definitely recommend the Mavala Double Lash Treatment. It might not double the length of them, but you’ll see a slight difference, plus the fact it helps other lashes stop falling out will definitely have a positive effect on the whole eye area.

It has a very good price point, considering some products start from £40 and can go upwards of £100, plus it’s extremely easy to use and won’t interfere with your normal beauty routine either.

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[amazon box="B006ZUEMSA"]