Meghan Markle’s hair and beauty secrets

Taryn Davies
Published: May 28, 2017

Flawless skin and glossy locks, it’s the beauty formula we’ve come to expect from Meghan Markle and she’s yet to disappoint us. But just what are her hair and beauty secrets for her faultless appearance?

The Suits actress, lucky for us, has always been quite open about sharing her hair, beauty and health secrets, so we’ve picked out the best of the advice and shared below so you can use her tricks and tips to emulate her look.

Meghan Markle’s Hair And Beauty Secrets

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Meghan Markle hair

Meghan’s hair always looks super glossy when she hits the red carpet and she admits she tends to stick to two haircare lines, Kerastase (masquintense & the oleo relax line) and Wella. She particularly loves the hair oil from Wella, which makes her feel super soft and can even be used as a body oil tool.

When she wants to give her hair some life, she relies on one simple tip, the hair flip. She explains if she's on-set the hair artist will have her bend forward and then flip back hard to give her hair a little extra bounce. Sometimes a little Oribe Dry Texturising Spray can add some oomph, sometimes the movement is all you'll need.

Like us, Meghan is not averted to getting flyaways, so she'll use hairspray on a toothbrush to help smooth the hairline. She particularly loves this look if she's wearing a sleek bun.

Meghan Markle’s Hair And Beauty Secrets


Meghan’s flawless skin

Meghan credits her mum, Doria, a yoga teacher and social worker, for her complexion. It was Doria who insisted Meghan started having professional facials at 13 — a habit she has kept.

Remembering her first forays into the beautician’s, Meghan says that her mum would always drill into her the importance of taking care of her skin as they drove home.

Despite her scepticism, Meghan now feels her mother was right and is ferociously diligent about looking after her complexion. She looks after it with a proper routine she follows religiously, drinking plenty of water, always wearing sun protection and getting a facial as often as she can.

Meghan definitely doesn't stick to exclusively high-end beauty products though. She loves the Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion, she says it leaves her skin looking and feeling amazing.

She also practises facial massage at home. The exercises involve pulling the skin into a variety of poses to stimulate muscle tone. She told Birchbox that she took advice from Nichola Joss. The actress explains you might feel a little silly doing them, but once you see the effect they have on sculpting your face, you'll definitely continue to do them.

Meghan’s beauty routine

Although Meghan is quite diligent about taking care of her skin, she does like to play around with her beauty routine.

She’s previously said she loves the Kate Somerville Quench moisturiser, she's always visited her for facials in LA and when she's not there she swears by her products that leave the skin look glowing.

She buys the Biore Cleansing cloths in bulk because they're great for lazy nights when you can't bear the thought of getting up to clean your face of makeup. She always suggests keeping them in the car for random times you might need them.

Meghan also revealed to Allure that she loves Jan Marini skincare products, particularly the glycolic serum which leaves skin glowy.

Another standout product for her is the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder, which gives the skin a gentle exfoliation.

To keep her lashes healthy and long she swears by lash growth serum Revitalash.

Meghan Markle’s Hair And Beauty Secrets

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Must-have makeup products

The actress says that working on Suits has introduced her to a number of different makeup products, which she loves. She now uses Nars Blush in Orgasm both on and off camera, as it works to give the skin a natural-looking glow.

For a mascara she loves Diorshow Iconic and to keep her skin looking fresh she uses the Make Up For Ever HD Powder.

But while she might have the best makeup artists on hand when she likes, she really has perfected her makeup routine over the years. To get the most out of the angles of her face she uses concealer on the bridge of her nose, highlighter on her cheekbones and a little bit of shimmer in the corner of her eyes.

When it comes to her complexion, she prefers to use foundation on the spots of the skin that need it, and blend it out with a BeautyBlender sponge.

It's important for her that she doesn't cover the freckles on her face, so she prefers a wash of foundation, rather than it covering her entire complexion.

Meghan’s five-minute face

Meghan admits she's a lot more low key in comparison to the character she plays on Suits. She generally sticks to a five-minute face which sees her curl her lashes, add a touch of mascara, Touche Eclat, a bit of blush and some chapstick.

That's her favourite look for day-to-day, but if she wants to amp it up in the evening she'll add in MAD Teddy liner, a brown liner with specks of gold. She says it works beautifully for brown eyes, and Sofia Vergara is also a huge fan of it.

Beauty secrets

Meghan's beauty secrets are thankfully quite simple and easy to do ourselves. Drink plenty of water and add some shimmer to the inner corner of the eye to add brightness and a sparkle to the face. Even if you're not wearing makeup, concealer can make a big difference to the whole face.

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