Mila Kunis: How to get her eye makeup look

Taryn Davies
Published: August 24, 2016

Mila Kunis and her sultry stare are always a favourite on the red carpet, her makeup always looks flawless, and that's partly due to her gorgeous eye makeup.  It is always flawless.

She has that sultry stare down and it’s usually accentuated with eye makeup.

Of course, she has it applied by the pros when she’s walking the red carpet, but there’s nothing that a few tips and a lot of practice won’t do to help you get a similar eye makeup look to Mila Kunis.

As Bad Moms hits cinemas this Friday, take inspiration from the actress for your Bank Holiday makeup look and recreate some Mila Kunis eye makeup looks with these tips.

Products you’re going to need to create Mila Kunis’ eye makeup look

How to get the eye makeup like Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis
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This all comes down to personal preference, but to create the Mila Kunis eyeliner flick you’re going to need a decent eyeliner that won’t smudge, can be used for precise application and something that stands out.

Whether you choose a pencil, a gel eyeliner product or a liquid eyeliner they’re all going to work to create the look, you just need to be comfortable using it.

The Rimmel Scandal Eyes pencils are a great budget buy and the Lancome pencils are our pick of the best when it comes to high-end eyeliners. Rimmel also has a great gel eyeliner pot to try, but Bobbi Brown wins hands down every time when it comes to the luxury beauty section for gel liner.

Lancome’s Art Liner liquid pen will always come out on top for us, and we’ve yet to find a budget liquid liner that makes the grade. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Mila Kunis - Get her eye makeup look now

Mila Kunis at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards
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Eye make-up palettes

The only ones we really need to mention here are the Urban Decay Naked palettes, these are the holy grail when it comes to creating a smoky eye and their brand new Smoky palette is ideal to create a more dramatic night time look.

The wide range of subtle to darker shades in these palettes ensure there is something for every taste, and the Basic palettes are matte shades which make them ideal for the daytime too.

The Naked 2 has a special place in our makeup stash; we’re much more likely to reach for that when creating a beauty look as the shades included are just gorgeous. But make sure you look at them in depth, you might find you’ll use more shades in another palette.

As long as there’s a highlighter shade, a matte brown to work through the crease and something dark to create the smoke effect you’ll have the Mila Kunis eye makeup look down in no time.

How to get the eye makeup like Mila Kunis

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Makeup artist tips for creating a smoky eye

L’Oreal Paris Pro-Artist Mirna Jose shares expert advice on how to create a smoky eye and likes to begin not with the dark eyeliner, but with the highlight colour on the brow bone.

Apply eyeshadow backwards

Work to build your eye colour, starting with the lightest shade, the highlight for your brow bone. Then go in with a deeper shade to create the crease colour, make sure you blend, blend and blend again, so it looks seamless. You want to build your colour naturally and make sure you blend everything so there aren't any harsh lines.

Mila Kunis - Get her eye makeup look now

Mila Kunis at CinemaCon

Keep it close to lash line for daytime

If you want to wear a smokey eye look for during the day, keep it subtle and just around the lash line. Use a dark shadow to line the upper lash line, and smudge it in with a brush to get more depth on your lash line and leave the bottom lashes for a lighter look that's perfect for everyday wear.

How to get the eye makeup like Mila Kunis

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Makeup artist tips for an eyeliner flick

Applying eyeliner is one of the most awkward things to do when it comes to makeup. To make it easier, notice how your hand is positioned. If it is clenched around the pencil for dear life, your fist will get in the way of being able to see what you're doing. Instead, hold the pencil as if you were going to sign your name. You want your fingers to look elegant, so keep them stretched long. Then, when you look in the mirror, make sure your hand is rotated toward the side of your face so it doesn't block your reflection.

Australian makeup artist Napoleon Perdis thinks to get the best, most natural flick you should start with liner on the lower lashline. This ensures you get the right type of angle that continues up from your top lashline. If you stick to doing your top lashline first, it can hard to tell how curved it should be or where to take the line too.

Mila Kunis - Get her eye makeup look now

Mila Kunis at the Bad Moms premiere

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