Missguided wedding guest dresses that won’t break the bank

Taryn Davies
Published: May 3, 2018

Wedding season has begun and usually when one invitation drops, the rest follow suit. There are usually a few weddings to attend a season, and that, of course, means multiple outfits, thankfully Missguided has our wedding guest outfit needs sorted with pieces that are stylish and affordable.

These dresses and other pieces will ensure that we look gorgeous on the big day, without detracting from the bride of course, and won’t need to be eating beans for the rest of the month either.

Missguided have become a go-to for on-trend fashion pieces that won’t break the bank and ensure that you can have a new outfit for each occasion this season.

Dressing for weddings can be a minefield, so we’ve shared some of our must-know fashion tips to ensure that you’re the best-dressed wedding guest through the summer season.

A stylish guide for guests attending weddings this year

Be mindful of dress codes and locations

If there’s a dress code for the wedding you’re attending, make sure that you stick to it. You really don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Be mindful of the location of the wedding too, obviously, if you’re jetting off to the sunshine for the wedding you want an outfit that’s really lightweight if it’s in the middle of a field then heels are going to get lost in the grass. Think about the wedding your attending and choose your outfit from there.

Avoid white at all costs

It’s a simple rule and should be easy to adhere to; no one wants to be that guest at a wedding. There are so many other beautiful colours and prints out there that you can choose, so make sure you don’t steal the bride’s thunder on the biggest day of her life.

Nothing too skimpy or uncomfortable

Weddings aren’t really the time and place for super low cut dresses, you don’t want to risk nip-slip when there’s a photographer taking pictures all day and especially not if you’re starting the day in church.

The same goes for super restrictive outfits if you don’t feel comfortable you won’t enjoy yourself. If bloating is a worry of yours choose a more flowy dress for around the middle, if you don’t want to be hoisting up a top all day then avoid strapless options. Comfort is key when you’re going to be wearing your outfit all day and all night.

Don’t upstage the bride

It’s her day so you don’t want to choose a dress that’s too bridal, of course, that means white, but anything with a long train, a veil, or a dress that’s super eye-catching. Think of a group picture and if you know that eyes are instantly going to be drawn to you over the bride, you might want to rethink your outfit.

Avoid black

It might be hard to go wrong with a little black dress, but there are so many other occasions that you can wear one that we prefer them left at home for weddings. They’re supposed to be a joyous occasion, and there are so many other colours to choose from, especially during the summer months when you want something bright and beautiful.

Take some flats with you

Weddings are long days, from the church to the breakfast and then the evening, there’s every chance your feet are going to get tired and sore, and you want to ensure that you feel comfortable to dance the night away. Take some flats in a little bag with you and you’ll be ready to party hard and ensure it’s a day and night to remember.

Add some accessories

Don’t forget your accessories to really elevate your outfit. Don’t layer on everything, but a pair of statement earrings could be all you need. Think about the handbag you’ll be carrying too, you want it to be big enough to hold all of your essentials, and a strap could be ideal for when you’re ready to dance all night.

Don’t add a hat if you don’t want to

Hats and fascinators can be a great addition to your wedding guest outfit, but they’re not a necessity and if you don’t feel comfortable wearing one then don’t. Add something different like an embellished headband, a fancy clip, or keep things simple and shun the hair accessories all together.