Do you have a mobile phone addiction?

Taryn Davies
Published: October 7, 2015

A new study has revealed something that we most probably know, but regularly deny, we have an unhealthy addiction to our mobile phones.

The research reveals that women will typically check their phone up 10 100 times a day.

Millions are so addicted to using their phone that they're constantly using it for social media updates, texting or emailing from when they wake till they're in bed at night.

There’s even been a new phrase coined that suggests just how addicted to our mobile phones we have become, Phubbing – otherwise known as PHone snUBBING.

The phrase describes the moment when you reach into your handbag, extract your mile and start browsing your phone as your friends/family/partner are trying to talk to you.

In fact, there’s even a website that discusses the act of Phubbing – The website tells us that Phubbing is rife all the world over and it could result in couples sitting in silence most of the time as they look at their phones. They're calling for changes to be made now.

It's time we stop Phubbing

Phone addiction symptoms

And a result of this, we’re having less sex according to recent figures.

Professor Spiegelhalthers says that constantly being connected to the whole world through our phones, means that people physically have less time for each other.

What’s shocking is fear of losing your phone is greater than the fear of losing your life. The researchers, from Nestle Fitness who conducted the research to encourage women to check their breasts, found that a fifth of women are more scared to lose their phone than they are to find a lump in their breast.

Phone addiction - is it causing tension in your relationship?

Being constantly connected to the world means we don't have enough time for each other

Realising you have a phone addiction

The urgency to check our phones is also apparent, four in 10 women admit that checking their phone when people speak to them is not a concern. What's more shocking is they're even willing to risk the safety of themselves and others by checking their phone as they drive.

Being without our phone when we shower or bathe is a no-go for 13% and one in ten would go as far as ignoring their children if they were answering a text.

Being preoccupied with our phones leads women to think they're ignoring health problems, and nearly half know that they spend too much time on their phone.

Addiction to our mobiles is stopping us from having sex

40% of people have delayed sex because of technology

Smartphones causing tension

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to stop Phubbing and put down your mobile phone, more research suggests that social media is causing at least one argument a week and 17% of those questions are rowing every day because of it.

Andrew Newbury, head of family law at Slater and Gordon, who conducted the research, revealed that while social media can be a great way of keeping in touch with others, it can be a big strain on your relationships.

He admits that clients often cite social media or something they've found on it, as a reason for divorce.