Doing something different: ideal Mother’s Day presents she won’t expect

Taryn Davies
Published: February 26, 2019

Mother's Day is coming up on 31st March, and it's a time to spring a special surprise on one of the most important people in your life – someone who has been there for you right from the start.

However, given the samey items stacked across shelves at this time of year, you could struggle to find something that you know would pleasantly surprise your mother. For that reason, we've gathered a few ideas for presents she probably never knew she wanted.

The Self Care Parcel

Being a mother can be highly stressful much of the time; your own mother could be so eager to make sure everyone else is okay that she forgets to set aside time to recharge her own batteries.

However, maybe she just doesn't know where to start – in which case, you could help by gifting her the Self Care Parcel highlighted by Stylist. The package contains a soothing gardenia and jasmine candle, ginger tea with Nordic honey, and The Positive Planner for writing down grateful thoughts.

Petalon flower delivery subscription

While giving your mothers flowers might not initially seem like the most eye-opening idea, your mother could be impressed if you source flowers from the independent business, Petalon.

This flowery delivery business has sustainability in its veins – or perhaps we should say stems. The company can deliver flowers in biodegradable packaging. Meanwhile, the firm donates £1 from every bunch to the Bee Collective Charity and for every 100 bunches delivered, plants a tree.

Maître Choux éclairs

If your mother's got a sweet tooth, you could satiate it with these pretty pastries from Maître Choux, which intricately decorates its desserts in styles including Asian influences and comprehensive pink. You can even pick up pastries that are specially themed for Mother's Day.

For just £5.20, you could buy an éclair with a personalised message; alternatively, you could treat her to Sweet Pink Afternoon Tea, for potentially just £22, at the King's Road or Soho store.

Breakfast in bed

Sometimes, it's possible just to try too hard when deciding on a present that you hope will delight your mother. According to one report by Metro, breakfast in bed is one thing that many mothers would like their children to treat them to on the big day.

In a Mumsnet survey of just over 1,300 women, 23% expressed this wish, even though 53% admitted that, on Mother's Day 2017, they had actually needed to make their own breakfast.

A vaping device

Is your mother trying to quit smoking? If they have repeatedly tried and failed in the past, you could always encourage them to take up vaping on the way to a smoke-free life.

As reported by The Guardian in December, Public Health England has declared that vaping is 95% healthier than smoking, and could assist people in giving up smoking as well.

However, to vape, your mother will need a vaping device. Various models are available, but we particularly like the Innokin Kroma A Zenith, due to its enticingly varied features and colour options.