Netflix are making a documentary about Madeleine McCann

Published: September 11, 2017

Netflix are making a documentary about Madeleine McCann and her famous disappearance that shook the world over ten years ago. The true-crime documentary will focus around the three-year old's disappearance and all of the details that have been provided regarding that night.

Madeleine was three years old when she disappeared from her family hotel room one night in Portugal's Praia de Luz in 2007, and though many theories have circulated regarding the circumstances of her fate, no evidence of her continuing existence has ever been found. Madeleine's was a heavily-reported missing person's case that was broadcast internationally as police Netflix are making a documentary about Madeleine McCannattempted to locate any notifications of her location. The story still regularly hits headlines surrounding any changes or new information that have emerged surrounding the case, meaning that this Netflix emergence is yet another reminder of the story that surrounds the little girl's fate.

Over the years, there have been several potential suspects and sightings that have been made, as changes in circumstances and information received regarding the events of the night and the following 72 hours have edited perceptions of how the little girl could have disappeared. The story following her disappearance will be the feature of the as-yet-untitled eight episode true crime series, which will feature interviews with investigators that were involved in the case as well as key figures from the case.

The story has been filled with controversy over the years, as it provided intense criticism of the Portugese police system as well as the resignation of key police figures and the decision to drop any suspicion surrounding Madeleine's parents. The McCann's have been ruled out as suspects by a top police officer, as they continue their extensive search for their daughter. Many have blamed the McCann's for Madeleine's disappearance, if not for the actual crime itself but for the fault of leaving their three-year old daughter and her two-year old twin siblings alone in their hotel room while they were at dinner in a resort restaurant a hundred metres away.

The McCann's declined to take part in the series as the investigation for their daughter - Operation Grange - is still underway, as a new request for funding towards the investigation has been requested by police forces. Police have said that they are launching a significant inquiry that could provide answers relating to Maddie's location, with four people that were identified as suspects in 2013 confirmed as officially ruled out of the investigation.

Although no time has been confirmed for when the documentary will be unveiled on Netflix, it is estimated that it will be airing before the McCann's learn of the results of their appeal to the European Court of Human Right's regarding a Portuguese ex-police chief's claims that Maddie was dead and cremated by her parents as an attempt to cover up the crime that they had committed - whether that be murder or negligence.

This isn't the first time that Netflix have delved into controversial crime stories, as they found extreme success with Making a Murderer, the true-crime documentary that followed the conviction of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey for Teresa Halbach's murder, focusing on the relationship Avery had developed with the local police department - showing the police to have some kind of vendetta against him. Netflix also reached controversial highs as they provided a documentary speaking to Amanda Knox, the American student who was jailed for four years in an Italian prison for the murder in 2007 of Meredith Kercher, before she was acquitted years later.