Must-have New Look homeware buys

Taryn Davies
Published: August 24, 2017

New Look homeware has become a go-to when we’re looking for new trinkets and accessories to liven up our rooms.

With gorgeous, pretty and quaint pieces that add a stylish flair to our space, as well as inject some personality into our homes too, New Look homeware continues to grow and be the place we spend plenty of our wages.

The collection is everything you’d expect from the high street brand, with initial candles, rose gold accents and unicorns a plenty.

We particularly love the printed duvet covers, which are incredibly soft to touch and feel incredibly comfortable when you’re snuggled into them.

The light-up box is a must have, and comes in an array of different sizes depending on the space you have. Plus, there are some glitter letters you can swap in for the black ones you have too.

Pretty mugs in prints, personalised with letters or horoscope signs mean your cup of tea will be all the more enjoyable and novelty lights like a pineapple lamp or half moon crescents will add ambiance and personality to your space.

Shop our pick of the must have New Look homeware buys now.

Must-have New Look home pieces