Nivea Hydra IQ review

Taryn Davies
Published: March 15, 2016

Nivea might be an inexpensive brand you can get your hands on in most supermarkets and pharmacies, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t backed by scientific research bringing you the best in skincare and the Nivea Hydra IQ range is the epitome of this.

Hydra IQ is based on the discovery of aquaporins in the skin by Professor Peter Agre, an American medical doctor and professor of molecular biology at the Johns Hopkins University in the USA, this discovery won him the 2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Nivea Hydra IQ review

What is aquaporin?

Aquaporin is a protein in the cell membrane to form pores that the water molecules to flow freely in to and out of cells, affecting the skin’s ability to moisturise itself efficiently. A cell can consist of 200,000 aquaporin and the more aquaporin in cells, the more formation of hydrating channels for water transport, keeping the skin moist.  Therefore we need a technology to stimulate the aquaporin network, and this is where the Hydra IQ plays a role.

What is Hydra IQ?

Hydra IQ is an active content that can stimulate the formation of a new aquaporin or aquaporin-skin hydration channel, which controls the distribution of water, and keeps it within the skin cells, providing constant moisturising effect.

Hydra IQ benefits the skin by increasing the water absorption in the skin cell membranes significantly. Even after three days of not using products from the Hydra IQ range, the moisturising effect still persists.

Nivea Hydra IQ review


Scientifically researched, gentle on the skin, extremely hydrating, fast absorbing, inexpensive


Creams can feel a little too watery

Bottom Line

The Nivea Hydra IQ range has a wide selection of skincare products that are guaranteed to give your skin the ultimate boost in hydration that keeps working once you’ve applied the products too. It helps to improve the circulation of water in the skin, meaning that feeling of dry, rough skin is no more with these skincare must-haves. UV rays, stress or unhealthy diet all work to affect the aquaporins in the skin, so with this range, you can reform the aquaporins in your skin, allowing the cells to become adequately hydrated.