How to get gorgeous radiance with the No 7 Skin Illuminator

Taryn Davies
Published: March 28, 2017

No7 Skin Illuminator Review skin, it’s something we all wish for naturally, but chances are we’re going to be faking it with strobing effects and highlighters galore, that’s why we think you need a tube of the No 7 Skin Illuminator in your beauty stash.

The cream illuminator is designed with multi-faceted light reflectors that work to enhance your complexion for natural-looking radiance.

No7’s Skin Illuminator gives your skin a beautiful sheen with just the right amount of pearlescence. All too often we’ve used products that make it look as though we’ve painted a white stripe on our face, and are all too shimmery, especially for everyday use. But this manages to give a perfect glow to the skin without being too overpowering and not too subtle either.

It works in a number of ways with the skin, underneath foundation, on top, mixed in or on its own to give your skin a beautiful glow that makes it look like your skincare regime is working wonders on your complexion.

The texture is a lightweight and silky feel that’s easy to work with, and it blends beautifully into the skin.


Gives just the right amount of glow that’s perfect for everyday wear, the cream product works beautifully into the skin, it blends beautifully, a little of this product goes a long way


If you’re looking for a really dramatic highlighter this isn’t the product for you

Bottom line

The No7 Skin Illuminator is a must have product for us, simply because it takes the softer approach to adding radiance to the skin, which is perfect for everyday wear. You get a believable glow to your skin that looks like it’s supposed to be there, as opposed to an overly shimmery look that looks over the top, especially when you’re sat at your desk 9-5.

Work this on top of your moisturiser – just light dabs across the top of your cheekbones and under your brows – or try it underneath, as it’s so subtle you might fail to see it under some of the heavier coverage foundations. Or you could even mix a little with your foundation of choice to give an all-over subtle sheen to the skin.