NYX Dark Circle orange concealer review

Taryn Davies
Published: February 21, 2017

NYX Dark Circle Orange Concealer Review TheFuss.co.ukThe NYX Dark Circle Orange concealer is designed as a colour corrector, to help even out dark circles, discolouration and dark spots, and this creamy and blendable formula is easy to work with and looks seamless on the skin.

Colour correctors work to quite simply, correct the colour of your skin, so if you have redness you use a green concealer to help counteract it. Orange concealers are designed to correct darkness – under the eyes, discolouration, dark spots, etc – and they’re best used on typically darker skin tones. When using the orange concealer, and the majority of colour correctors, you apply this first and then apply or foundation or concealer, depending on the routine you typically have.

The NYX orange concealer is a cream formula and full coverage, simply apply using your fingers to help warm up the concealer and ensure it’s blendable and doesn’t drag on the skin.

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The formula is creamy and blendable, helps to counteract dark circles, discolouration and dark spots. Excellent price and a good amount of product in the jar.

NYX Dark Circle Orange Concealer Review TheFuss.co.uk


Jar packaging is a little messy and unhygienic.

NYX Dark Circle Orange Concealer Review TheFuss.co.ukBottom Line

The NYX orange concealer is the perfect solution for one of beauty’s most challenging problems. Erase dark circles in a flash with this colour correcting formula that’s easy to blend and work with and looks seamless on the skin.

The product glides on without looking too thick and obvious and the coconut oil provides intensive moisture and ensures no caking.

This is one of those products you might not reach for every day when you’re in a rush, but you’ll be happy to have this in your makeup bag when you really do need to brighten and correct your under eye area.

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NYX Professional Makeup, named after the Greek goddess who ruled the night and symbolised beauty and power, was created in Los Angeles in 1999.  Known for high-quality, professional makeup at accessible prices, it is a true destination for makeup junkies around the world.

A leader in the massive colour cosmetics industry, NYX Professional Makeup is defined by exceptional quality products with rich pigments and high payoff. Featuring a range of classic, seasonal, and on-trend cosmetics, NYX Professional Makeup is a must-have among beauty lovers and professional makeup artists. The brand began with artistic inspiration, a single product and a vision.

While headquartered in the heart of Los Angeles, NYX is a global brand available in over 60 countries at thousands of retailers consisting of speciality beauty and fashion stores, freestanding shops, and beauty supply stores. NYX falls under the L'Oréal conglomerate (a move made in 2014).

NYX's founder, Toni Ko told Marie Claire that the whole point of the company was to create a really good product that was really affordable. "I realised there was a gap between prestige brands sold in department stores and mass brands sold in drugstores, and there was not a great quality product with chic packaging at a wallet-friendly price point. It was my mission to close that gap," says Ko. The company made 2 million dollars in its first year.