The Oil Cleansing Method and how it removes blackheads

Taryn Davies
Published: December 11, 2017

Oil Cleansing originated in Asia, and thankfully the popular method has travelled and once you start using this cleansing process you won’t go back.

The Oil Cleansing Method is done through the use of natural plant oils. This is done becuase the use of oil helps to break down the sebum on the skin, and this sebum can often cause spots, acne and blackheads.

Will it block your pores?

Because most oils are non-comedogenic, using the oil cleansing method will not block your pores.

Who should try the Oil Cleansing Method?

Anyone can try it. If you find regular cleansers too harsh, this might be a good option. It will probably work best for dry, dehydrated, and skin that's oily from dehydration.

Creating your own oil blend

Of course there are plenty of oil cleansers on the market that you could shop, but creating your own one will ensure that you are benefiting your particular skin type. First of all you'll need to determine your skin type and know what your skin needs. Experts recommend that if you have a dry type of skin you'll want to use less castor oil, whereas those with oily skin will benefit from more castor oil.

When it comes to creating your own oil blend, it's likely that it'll take time and effort to get it to the right consistency, and as your skin changes through the seasons you might want to change up the blend again.

All you need to know about the Oil Cleansing Method

Castor oil should be used as the base oil in OCM

Castor oil is used as the base oil when it comes to the Oil Cleansing Method and it's typically blended with sunflower seed oil. The combination of the two ensures that the skin is cleaned thoroughly and you get a good dose of moisture and nutrients.

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Other oils to try for different skin types

Using oil in your beauty routine is great becauase there are a host of benefits for the skin, particualrly for different skin types too. There are a plethora of different oils to try when it comes to creating your own personal blend, so these are some of our suggestions for different skin types.

Those with dry skin might want to add in some avocado, shea or sweet almond oil into the blend.

If you have sensitive skin, you will benefit from the addition of jojoba, grapeseed and rice bran oil.

Oily skin types will want to add in hazelnut, peach kernel and safflower oil.

If you suffer from acne the addition of walnut, rosehip and need oil will help to treat the skin.

Those with mature skin will reap the benefits of adding in olive, carrot or borage oil to the blend.

And finally, those with a normal skin type might want to try canola, extra virigin olive oil or camellia oil.

All you need to know about the Oil Cleansing Method

Almond oil is a great oil for many skin types

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The Oil Cleansing Method and how it removes blackheads

Cleansing with oil feels extremely luxurious on the skin, and allows you to take the time to relax and enjoy the process, the fact it feels so lovely on the skin is just another benefit.

You'll only need a flannel, your oil blend and warm, running water.

Simply rub a small amount of the oil blend between your hands and smooth it over the face, allowing yourself to give your skin a deep massage and ensure you hit every part of the face.

Using this blend will help to remove, makeup, dirt and sunscreen from the skin too. Take a minute or so to really work the oil into the skin and give yourself a gentle face massage.

Once you've done that, soak your flannel in the warm water and place it over your face and enjoy the warmth. The steam from the warm water will help to ensure you remove all of the oil from your skin. The great thing about using a flannel as well, is that it gives the skin some gentle exfoliation too. There's no need to really scrub at the skin though.

Use the flannel and the clean, running warm water to ensure you have removed the traces of the oil, the use of the castor oil will ensure you have gotten rid of all traces of the other oils too.

Once you've done this you can go about your normal skincare routine and apply your serum, oils and creams.

All you need to know about the Oil Cleansing Method

Apricot oil is perfect for those with sensitive and acne prone skin types

Common mistakes when using the Oil Cleansing Method

You might find that the oil cleansing method takes a little bit of trail and error, but once you have it down you'll enjoy doing it and your skin will reap the benefits.

There are some mistakes you might want to avoid though, ensure you have wiped and rinsed your face completely to ensure there is no residue left behind.

Using water that is warm-to-hot will help to ensure you remove the oils properly too, you don't want to burn your skin, but you want a steaming effect from the use of the water and the flannel.

Don't jump in and start using this oil cleansing method twice a day, build it up, start once a week and see if your skin will benefit from maybe a couple more times a week. It's all about finding the right balance for your skin.

The same goes for the oil blend, everyone's skin is different, so it's important you find the right mixture for you.