Toni & Guy Limited Edition Fluid Metal Styler review

Toni & Guy Limited Edition Fluid Metal Styler review

The Limited Edition hair styler has been designed with iridescent titanium plates for ultimate heat transfer, here’s why you need the Toni & Guy styler

8 foods that whiten your teeth

How to whiten your teeth at home with the foods you eat

Don’t wait for a dentist appointment to get your teeth whitened just pick up these handy foods instead, here are 8 foods that help whiten your teeth at home

speedy night time skincare routine

Beauty buys for a speedy night time skincare routine

Reduce your night time skincare routine with our beauty buys for speedy make-up removal and still wake up with refreshed and revived skin

The 5-2 workout trend

Fitness trend: The 5:2 diet for your workout

DW Fitness Clubs have reported a new fitness trend taking place, 5:2 diet principles have extended to our workout as people hit the gym hard for two days

Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine hair straightener review

Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Hair Straightener Review

The ultimate in luxury salon styling, the Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Pro Salon hair straightener has real diamonds infused within the ceramic plates

10 films to see at the BFI London Film Festival 2015

The big movie event will soon be here as tickets go on sale to the public today we pick out the films you don’t want to miss at BFI London Film Festival

5 Reasons to try kicking caffeine

Caffeine use definitely has its advantages but there are a number of downsides too and the sooner you quit it, the sooner you’ll be free of them

Remington Keratin Therapy Pro straightener review

Remington Keratin Therapy Straightener review

The Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener offers optimum hair protection and guilt-free styling, ensure your hair is glossy and healthy with this styling tool

Women want sex just as much as men

New research reveals that the common belief about women’s sexual needs as been debunked, as it’s revealed they want it just as much as men

BaByliss Diamond 235 Hair Straightener review

BaByliss Diamond 235 Hair Straightener review

The BaByliss Diamond Straightener offers salon performance with Diamond Radiance Shine system, here’s why you need to consider buying this hair tool

11 reasons to have more orgasms

Orgasms are good for your health, and your mood too. If you need a little help getting in the mood, read these 11 reasons why you need to orgasm more

Tom Hardy facts you may not know

Tom Hardy facts you may not know

With the release of Legend and the fact it’s his birthday we round up some facts you might not know about actor Tom Hardy

ghd Air hairdryer review

ghd Air hairdryer review

Whether looking for sleek, smooth results or fabulous, impactful volume, ghd air puts salon power in your hands, a hair dryer you’ll be happy to invest in

Sexting - Everyone's doing it, are you?

Sexting – Everyone’s doing it, are you?

Two new sets of research reveal that the majority of people are sexting, and it’s having a great effect on their relationship. Is it time to get involved?

Healthy dessert recipes we love

Healthy dessert recipes

Health bloggers are the IT people to follow, all with delicious and nutritious recipes we love to try, here’s some of our favourite healthy dessert recipes

Narcos is one of our best TV shows of 2015

The best drug-related TV shows

As Netflix Original Narcos gets ready to premiere we look at the best drug-related TV shows ever created, with Breaking Bad of course topping the list

Emily Ratajkowski's stylish promo tour for We Are Your Friends

Emily Ratajkowski: The stylish promo tour for We Are Your Friends

Emily Ratajkowski has pulled out all the style stops for the We Are Your Friends promo tour, here we run through her array of stylish looks that stand out

clinch banner

Meet Clinch – a new personal shopping assistant in the form of an app

Meet Clinch – an app that helps you make some of the big decisions in life, such as what to wear to the office party.

Margot Robbie Tattoos “Suicide Squad” Cast On-Set

The Suicide Squad are showing their bond on set by tattooing each other with the word ‘skwad’ on their bodies – another publicity stunt for the hyped film?

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer Review

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic hair dryer review

The Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic hair dryer uses innovative technology that combines heat control and air flow velocity making hair supple, softer and shinier

weird side effects of PMS

Weird side effects of PMS that you probably didn’t know about

We all know the obvious, downright crappy symptoms of PMS such as pain, bloating, tender breasts, low mood and fatigue. But there are other, weirder side effects of PMS that are less talked about, and just as irritating.

Why you and your partner should workout together

Relationship benefits of exercising as a couple

The celebs are doing it and it gives you plenty of benefits for relationship as well as your health, here’s why you should be exercising as a couple

What we know so far about the Han Solo anthology series

What we know about the Han Solo anthology series

Star Wars fans may be getting excited for the Force Awakens but there’s something else to tease us too, the Han Solo anthology series, here’s what we know

Remington Keratin Therapy Pro hair dryer review

Remington AC8000 Keratin Therapy Pro Hairdryer review

Professional hairdressers know that the secret to creating deluxe locks in the blow-dry and the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro hairdryer helps achieve this

Mark Hill Salon Professional Style and Shine Power hair dryer review

Mark Hill Salon Professional Style and Shine Power hair dryer review

Get a professional blow dry at home with the Mark Hill Salon Professional Style and Shine Power hair dryer, here we run through the much-loved hair tool

Babyliss Boutique salon 2400w ac italian dryer review

BaByliss Boutique Salon 2400W AC Italian Dryer review

We review the BaByliss Boutique Salon 2400W AC Italian Dryer looking at the design features, special technology, the noise and of course where to buy it

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne’s candy-coloured style statement

Bella Thorne dresses up WIlfox’s Hotel Stripe Atlantis wrap dress that’s designed for the beach with bold black and gold accessories, we want to know more

ghd Aura hair dryer review

ghd Aura Hairdryer Review

The ghd Aura Hairdryer lets you style while you dry, giving you speedy ultimate root-lifting volume and super smooth shine, it’s a must have hairdryer

Reasons to try meditation

6 Reasons You Need To Try Meditation

Meditation is something we may think is just for hippies, gurus and ninjas – but it’s an easy way for anyone to cut stress and boost health and happiness

Brody Jenner's sex tips

Brody Jenner’s sex tips

Brody Jenner is a self-proclaimed sex enthusiast and with a new show on E! all about sex, who better to share his tips on how to have better sex

Why Inside Out is the film Pixar needed to make and its fans needed to see

Inside Out, the new film from Pixar which has just been released in the UK, could prove to be a pivotal moment for the studio and its fans.

What's on the horizon for Jake Gyllenhaal? Find out on

What’s on the horizon for Jake Gyllenhaal?

Jake Gyllenhaal’s role in Southpaw is creating plenty of Oscar buzz but there’s still a lot more to come from him so we take a look at what’s on the horizon

The good carb your diet needs

The good carb your diet needs

Dr Sally Norton discusses the good carb that each and every diet needs, whole grains, explaining how much we need of the complex carbohydrate

Salt – Is it a health friend or foe?

Nutritionist Ilona Wesle discusses whether salt is a health friend or foe, explaining why we shouldn’t ban it from our diet and the health benefits it has

Ant-Man will return with his own movie in 2018

Ant-Man facts you may not know

In honour of the latest movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man we run through some facts that you may not know about the film and comic book

The Vampire Diaries cast

TV news we learnt at Comic Con 2015

As Comic Con San Diego wraps up for another year, we’ve rounded up the must-know news about our favourite TV series like The Vampire Diaries & Supernatural

The Best Animated Movies You May Have Never Seen

You’ve seen Disney movies. You’ve seen Pixar movies. You’ve seen Dreamworks movies. But have you seen these amazing indie animations that are even better?

Singles say it costs more to be alone

Singles say it costs more to be alone

New research reveals that singles say it costs more to be single, despite recent research claiming relationships put financial strain on our pockets

The scariest TV shows to watch on Netflix

Scream TV series could have six seasons

Scream has been rebooted for a TV series for MTV and the showrunners have high hopes for it with plans to expand it for five or six seasons

Top 12 hottest celebs with beards

New research reveals that the beard trend is going nowhere as more men have one now than men that don’t, so we’ve took a look at 12 celebs sporting the look

Hannibal was a show that never received an Emmy Award

The TV shows that have been cancelled, renewed and revived

The TV Networks have been meeting, deciding which shows would return, those that would be cancelled, and those surprisingly being revived

Jennifer Aniston bores us to tears with her red carpet style

15 times Jennifer Aniston bored us to tears with her red carpet style

Jennifer Aniston’s tried and tested all black style is forever living, we look back at 15 times the actress bored us to tears on the red carpet

Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen’s greatest characters

Ian McKellen’s career started in the sixties and he’s commanded scenes ever since, for the release of Mr Holmes, we look back at his greatest characters in film

korean beauty

6 Korean Beauty Trends You Need To Try Now

The western world looks to the east for guidance when it comes to tech, but also beauty. So why haven’t you tried these Korean beauty trends? It’s time to get on it!

Sleeping routine affecting your relationship?

Is a different sleeping pattern affecting your relationship?

New research reveals that three quarters of Brits are heading to bed at different times consistently, but is it having a negative effect on your relationship?


Disney’s Zootropolis – What we know so far

Zootropolis looks set to be another huge film for Disney in 2016, so here we round up what we know about the Feature Animation so far

plastic surgery

9 bizarre yet popular cosmetic surgery procedures from around the world

We all have our own ideas of beauty, so her are some strange yet popular cosmetic surgery procedures from around the world, with some shocking results

Melissa McCarthy Walk of Fame event

Melissa McCarthy’s funniest moments in film

Melissa McCarthy our favourite comedy actress of the moment, here’s her funniest moments in film with standout moments in Bridesmaids and The Heat


Sense8 Netflix’s latest original series: Meet the characters

Sense8 is Netflix’s newest original series from The Wachowskis; a story of eight people whose lives are suddenly connected in a fight for their own survival

Far From The Madding Crowd film still

Actor Sam Phillips exclusive interview

Sam Phillips has worked hard on roles in Far From The Madding Crowd, The Syndicate, Hotel Trubble and more, we caught up with the actor for an interview

TV shows that give you nightmares

TV shows most likely to give you nightmares revealed

New research has revealed a series of TV shows that people find give them nightmares, surprisingly with reconstruction show Crimewatch coming out on top

man eating meat

25 things men would rather give up than meat

New research for National Vegetarian Week reveals 25 things that men would rather give up than their beloved meat from their diet

Tom Cruise's craziest movie stunts

Best movie stunts of all time

Movie stunts are part and parcel of the big blockbusters and through time we’ve come to expect the best, we take a look at the greatest stunts on the big screen

mental health mindfulness

Mental health awareness week: What is mindfulness?

This year’s Mental Health Awareness week focuses on mindfulness and how the treatment can help fight anxiety and depression – do you know how to be mindful?

Walk to work and watch the weight fall off

New research reveals that by walking to work every day you could not only save money on petrol but do something for your health and lose weight

The 6 best fictional presidents in movies and TV

There have been some funny, inspiring and ass kicking Presidents throughout movie and television history, and we’ve picked out 6 of our favourites

22 times Blake Lively's style game made us green with envy

22 times Blake Lively’s red carpet game made us green with envy

Blake Lively is known for her flawless style, and the fact she doesn’t have a stylist, we take a look at some of the looks that made us green with envy

Films that are set to be made into TV shows

TV and film often lend themselves to each other, this week sees the release of Spooks: The Greater Good, so we’ve rounded up films set to be made into TV shows

Social media wreaking havoc on marriages

New research reveals that social media is causing unease in relationships, with a rise in people citing it as a reason for divorce

Low levels of vitamin D may affect IBS symptoms

Sun Awareness Week: Pharmacist tips

This sun awareness week make sure that you know the signs of skin cancer to keep you protected from a cancer that kills 2,000 people every year

Far From the Madding Crowd Film Still 2

British films not to miss in 2015

British cinema has it all this year, with period movies, book adaptions and action all set to hit the big screen, here are the films you don’t want to miss

Stomach voted most hated body part: How to flatten it with food

New research from Transform reveals that the stomach is the most hated body part of the British public, and they regularly dress to hide it – we have some expert advice on how to reduce belly fat through the foods you eat

7 Fictional characters who’d make great prime ministers

We knew politics was dry, but with this bunch of candidates, there’s not an ounce of oomph or charisma between them. So, we’ve been thinking, and we think the kind of person we’d vote for exists only in fiction. But which fictional characters would make the best prime ministers? Here’s our list.

Zayn Malik pays tribute to One Direction

Zayn Malik shocked fans everywhere with his departure from One Direction, and his first appearance on the red carpet he ensured to thank the other boys for the best time of his life

Best TV shows about the White House

The White House is one of the most iconic buildings in the world, housing one of the most iconic leaders, so it’s no wonder there are shows about it, we run through our favourite TV shows about it

7 tips to get your skin ready for summer

The more sun we get, the less clothes we wear and the more skin we show. You can’t hide anymore. Change up your routine, free your skin and get it looking gorgeous again with these tips.

Research reveals the timeline of a perfect relationship

We all know that every relationship is different, and you can’t compare what’s going on in yours to anyone else, but new research is trying to tell us that there’s a perfect timeline we should follow – what do you think?

5 of the best organic delivery services

Food delivery services have definitely proved their popularity, and these organic ones will do wonders for your health too, find out why should be trying them out

Actors to watch out for in 2015

Hollywood have a whole host of famous names that you know, here are the stars that are upcoming, with Ezra Miller, Lily James, Nat Wolff and more making the list – here are the actors you need to watch out for in 2015

11 reasons we love Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is one of our favourite celebs, for multiple reasons, and with the release We’re Still Young, with her in, we though we’d share them with you