Pantene Pro-V Air-Light Foam Conditioner review

Taryn Davies
Published: February 16, 2017

Pantene Pro V Air Light Foam Conditioner Review your hair nourishment without weighing it down thanks to the Pantene Pro-V Air-Light Foam Conditioner.

The easy to use product is applied in the shower like a mousse, takes less than a minute to absorb into the hair and then you wash it out to reveal hair that’s soft to the touch, easy to comb and feels nourished and healthy.

The foam conditioner from Pantene is available in four different formulas, one designed to Repair and Protect for fine, damaged hair, Colour Protect for hair that’s colour treated, Extra Volume for fine and flat hair and Smooth & Sleek for fine, frizzy hair.

Using conditioner on fine hair

What makes these conditioners so great is not only the novel foam product, but it’s perfect for those with fine hair. Conditioners have the ability to weigh down locks, but this air-light foam texture is absorbed deeply into the hair and still manages to moisturise well without leaving any unwanted residue.

Women will often deprive their hair of the conditioning products it needs for fear that'll look lank and feel tacky. But this special formula is created with a nourishing finish that doesn't weigh down your hair. Dr Jeni Thomas, Pantene's Principal Scientist says that this is the product that women with fine hair have been looking for.

Pantene Pro V Air Light Foam Conditioner Review they work

The Pantene Pro-V Air-Light Foam Conditioners are injected with bubble-forming ingredients that blend to create the perfect formula. Once the lightweight, airy foam mixture is exposed to air, the bubbles expand to suspend the conditioning ingredients so that they quickly absorb and easily nourish hair. These bubbles are finely-engineered to resist bursting until the moment is right, as bursting too soon leaves hair with uneven coverage and bursting too late leaves hair undernourished. As the product is rinsed, hair will feel clean and conditioned - without the weight or greasiness, heavy conditioners can deposit on fine hair.

Pantene Pro V Smooth Sleek Foam Conditioner


Lightweight, nourishing, doesn’t weigh hair down, hair feels soft and smooth


Those with really thick hair might not get enough moisturisation from this conditioner

Bottom line

Designed specifically for those with fine hair, if you have particularly thick and coarse hair you might not get enough nourishment from the Pantene Pro-V Foam Conditioners. But these are easy and quick to use, absorb pretty much instantly into your locks, is distributed easily and evenly and wash away beautifully to reveal hair that feels moisturised and is much easier to comb through too. There are four different formulations to choose from, depending on your hair’s needs, and they’re currently on offer in Boots too – grab one quick and see how these foam conditioners will make your hair much easier to manage after just one use. Don’t fear the conditioner residue, there won’t be any with this product.