Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth hair straightener review

Taryn Davies
Published: December 16, 2015

Featuring cutting-edge technology and premium IsoTherm titanium plates, which deliver perfect smoothing, flips and waves, gliding through hair in one easy pass, Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth hair straightener ensures beautiful, predictable results whenever you style your hair.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Features

  • Creates numerous styles with this straightener
  • Glide through your hair without snagging
  • IsoTherm titanium plates
  • Bevelled edges to prevent demarcation lines
  • HeatS up to 232°C in as little as 30 seconds
  • SmartSense microchip monitors the temperature to ensure even heat distribution
  • LCD display
  • Customise the atuo-shut off function to your own desire


Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth hair straightener


A gorgeous straightener that lets you create multiple styles in your hair, you get more for your money with this styler. The straighteners heat up quickly and the heat is monitored 50 times per second to guarantee the heat is mainted throughout. This ensures there aren't any hot spots on the plates which can really damage your hair.

Other features include auto-shut-off, which you get to choose too.


Unsure what temperature to use? No problem. Simply press the M button and use the + and – buttons to choose between the straighteners options which include:

  • 200°C fine hair
  • 210°C normal hair
  • 220°C coarse hair
  • 230°C professional use

Because of the 1.25" cushioned plates with bevelled edges, demarcation lines are easily avoided when flipping, curling and waving, making these perfect for achieving any look you want.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth hair straightener

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Summary

The Neuro range use the latest advances in technology to give you not only chic looking products but also effective tools with lots of options. With fast heat up, LCD display, and bevelled plates you can use the Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth to do more than just straighten your hair, making it an all-in-one tool.

One of the things you will hear a lot about is the special chip. Basically what this does is check the temperature of the straightener fifty times a second to ensure that it maintains the heat you set it to. What this means is that when the heat stays consistent you only need to run the flat iron over sections of hair once because it keeps it at the desired heat.

You can even set the auto shut off time to anything between 0 to 2 hours, making it ideal to tailor to your specific needs.

This really is a great product for people who prefer titanium plates. Anything that you think a flat iron should have, Paul Mitchell has probably added it to this straightener.

This hair straightener is definitely worth the investment.


Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth hair straightener
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