PhD Woman Review

Taryn Davies
Published: March 24, 2016

Staying fit and healthy is often a priority for women, but time can often get in the way of that, the PhD Woman range has been designed to not only help with weight loss but toning and our energy levels too.

PhD Woman review you’re on the lookout for a health boost, this range could be the one for you, depending on your health and fitness goals.

The range has been specially designed just for women. With the inclusion of specific vitamins and minerals that are ideal just for females; this ensures that you’re getting everything your body needs to get the most from your workouts and to achieve your health and fitness goals.

There are three ranges available through PhD Woman, they are:

Weight control

The weight loss products are formulations that have been created to help with weight loss in a safe and effective manner, whilst also helping you to achieve your exercise aims.


This range has been created to help aid your workouts. The ingredients will increase your muscle tone, as well as helping the body to recover from your workout and repair for the next one. There's also a host of vitamins and minerals all of which are there to supplement the busy lifestyles we tend to lead.


Our energy levels dip and spike throughout the day, naturally. But if you're experiencing bigger lulls than usual and find yourself lacking in motivation, the Energy range from PhD Woman might just be the thing you need. The range is designed with vitamins and minerals that will give you an extra energy boost when needed. Monday mornings and Friday afternoons definitely spring to mind.

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The shakes taste delicious, shakes designed to be made up with water – so they’re good for on the go


There is no quick fix for weight loss, it’s going to take much more willpower and effort than drinking a meal replacement shake

Bottom Line

This line of weight loss, toning and energy products are convenient ways to boost your health, wellbeing and fitness goals. If you’re looking for health products to boost the aims and ambitions you have, then definitely consider the PhD Woman range, designed specifically for women, these products ensure you get the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.