How To Prep For Your Christmas Party

Published: October 25, 2019

Whether you’re going to a work Christmas party or a Christmas party with your friends or family, getting ready can be a stressful time. To take the stress out of this festive time, read the helpful guide below to find out how to make the prep for your Christmas party as easy and cheerful as can be.

Picking An Outfit

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One of the first things to think about when preparing for a Christmas party is your outfit. Begin with finding out whether the party is a casual party or black-tie event, you can use this to base your outfit off. If you’re going to a black-tie event it is an opportunity to wear a gown you wouldn’t normally be able to wear try searching for Christmas party dresses online or at your local department store such as John Lewis as they will have dresses for a range of occasions. Think about choosing festive colours and fabrics, red and green always look great during the holiday season and black or white are classics. If you love to sparkle why not take this chance to wear a complete sequin dress or co-ord. When picking your shoes make sure you take comfort into account as well as style, there’s nothing worse than your ankles giving out 2 hours into a party and you definitely don’t want to fall over in front of your colleagues. Choose accessories that match your colour scheme, silver goes great with white and gold enhances red, black and green.


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Another thing to consider when starting to prep for your Christmas party is whether you’re going to have your nails done and if you are, how you’re going to have them done. Depending on your outfit, most nails will go well with everything. You could go for a plain and classic red or green or if you’re looking for nail inspiration for nails that are more interesting you can have a look at the mood board above. Red nails with a white bow on the accent nail look great with every outfit and are fun and festive without going too over the top. You could go for something more technical such as a candy cane inspired accent nail, plaid nails with other nail art, mistletoe inspired nails, snowmen, snowflakes and even a wreath. You can get really creative with your nails and they will last for the whole festive season and are well worth the money!

Make up

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Makeup can be one of the most difficult parts of getting ready for any type of party. If you aren’t getting your makeup done for you by a makeup artist, it is best to practise the makeup look you would like to do for your Christmas party a few times before the night of the party as this minimises the stress you’ll have when trying to make your makeup look perfect. When picking your makeup look you need to keep your outfit and nails in mind as well as the type of event you’re attending. If you’re used to doing more natural makeup and don’t want to go too far out of your comfort zone, a deep smokey eye with gold or even red glitter looks gorgeous and isn’t too difficult to achieve. If you’re comfortable doing more complicated makeup looks you may want to go for a green and red cut crease or try a coloured eyeliner to go with your eyeshadow. You can easily find inspiration for your makeup look online on Pinterest or Instagram. You can get really creative with your makeup and even incorporate some festive symbols into your makeup such as Christmas lights, baubles, holly, mistletoe and snowflakes!

Getting Ready

Top Tip: make sure you leave yourself enough time to get ready, the longer you have to get ready the less stressed you will be.

Try to prepare for the night as soon as possible, if you can start your hair preparation the night before make sure you do as this will save you time when getting ready on the night. Don’t leave it until the day of your party to do your nails as this will leave you with less time to get ready.

Rubis Tweezers Classic Red 1K106 White BackgroundAnother good tip is to start doing the thing that takes you the longest first, whether that is your hair or makeup as this means you will be less likely to rush it at the end. If you’re wearing an outfit that needs to go over your head make sure you put it on before doing your makeup as you don’t want any smudging disasters before you’re ready to leave!

It's also a great idea to fix any loose eyebrow hairs before doing your make up. We recommend Rubis® tweezers. Not only does Bobbi Brown swear by them, but they're also used by makeup houses such as Estee Lauder and MAC. The tweezers can be found at LookFantastic and Cult Beauty(use code BDAY15 for 15% off).

Try and have fun when getting ready, you’re just about to go out and have a great night, the less stressed you are at the start of the night the more fun you’ll have had by the end of it. So sit back with a glass of bubbles and get ready in peace, put your favourite festive tunes on and enjoy yourself!