Qhemet Biologics UK

Taryn Davies
Published: April 18, 2016

Qhemet Biologics is a natural hair care brand for women with dry, tangle-prone hair, unfortunately, it’s hard to get your hands on in the UK and you’re going to have to shop the products through Amazon UK, but they’re definitely worth their weight in gold.

Felis Butler drew on her experience as a historian and looking at how her indigenous ancestors embraced their natural hair when she began designing the haircare line. She wanted to create products that catered for kinkier textures of hair.

What resulted was a brand of hair care products that are rich, can be used in a multitude of ways, and leave hair looking and feeling the best it possibly can.

Qhemet Biologics is cruelty-free, vegetarian and eco-friendly, plus they're free from ingredients that include things like shea butter, mineral oil, parabens and more.

This hair care range is designed to for those with hair that's dry and prone to tangles, and leaves it feeling nourished, hydrated and silky.


Qhemet Biologics

How Qhemet Biologics helps maintain and rebuild healthy hair

There are multiple ingredients in the Qhemet Biologics products that are designed to maintain healthy hair and help rebuild hair that has previously been damaged. Key ingredients include castor, olive, grapeseed and moringa oil. Such botanicals like Aloe, Chamomile, Amla and Honeybush to help ensure your hair and scalp are kept healthy and nourished.

All of the ingredients combined leave you with locks that are conditioned and softened to help you work through tangles with ease.

Qhemet Biologics also include MSM sulfur in their products, it's the first haircare line for ethnic hair that includes this ingredient. The use of this ingredient guarantees you have strong hair that's smooth and healthy.


Qhemet Biologics available in the UK

Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream

This is the brand’s best selling product; it’s a thick, rich formula that leaves extra dry, coarse hair soft and supple for days. The rich blend of old world oils, organic herbs and natural humectants leave hair feeling nourished and healthy.

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Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream

The Burdock Root Butter Cream works to soften your hair, leaving it feeling nourished yet not weighed down. It's a lighter formula that the Amla & Olive Heavy Cream, so it's perfect for those who have fine or thinly textured hair. The moisturising treatment will leave locks feeling soft and supple, and it also moisturises the scalp and rinses well so there's no product left behind.


Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream with Olive Oil & Nettle Leaf [amazon box="B00LU2JFJ4"]

Qhemet Biologics Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm

The pure and natural hydrating balm leaves dense, coarse and dry hair touchable soft, moist and supple. Rub between your palms and apply to dry or damp hair for instant moisture.

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