All the reasons why you need to watch Outcast

Taryn Davies
Published: June 6, 2016

Outcast is the brand new TV series that’s guaranteed to become your new obsession and it premieres tomorrow night, it looks like its going have us on the edge of our seats hiding behind cushions, here’s all the reasons you need to watch the TV show.

What is it?

The TV series is an adaptation of a comic book, yes just like The Walking Dead, in fact, it’s by the same creator, Robert Kirkman.

All the reasons you need to watch Outcast

What’s the story?

Kyle Barnes has had a tragic life, there have been plenty of incidents which have seen his friends and family become victims of demonic possession. He's linked to the supernatural and together with Reverend Anderson, he must learn about a conspiracy that has plagued his life.

You don’t have to wait long

It premieres on FOX June 7 at 10pm and that’s just four days after the show’s US launch on June 3.

All the reasons you need to watch Outcast

There’s already a second season scheduled

Even before it's premiered this show has a second season planned, which is surprising when numbers are usually a big factor in whether or not a show gets a second run.

The great cast

Gone Girl's Patrick Fugit plays Kyle, as well as House Of Cards' Kate Lyn Sheil, Boardwalk Empire's Wrenn Schmidt and the mighty Reg E. Cathey, who you'll recognise from The Wire. Life On Mars' epic Philip Glenister plays Reverend Anderson, a (drinking, gambling) Southern preacher who performs exorcisms.

All the reasons you need to watch Outcast

It’s actually scary

It’s not often you come across a horror that actually scares you these days, and before it’s official premiere it was available to stream for free on YouTube and Facebook, and the first reviews were positive.

Kirkman was given plenty of freedom

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter in March, Kirkman said that Outcast is a real passion project of his. He said that seeing it all come together after years of planning has been a big thrill.

All the reasons you need to watch Outcast

It’s more believable

Robert Kirkman believes the storyline is a lot more believable when compared with The Walking Dead. This story is all about a genuine horror story that has a real-world threat, compared to zombies.

Whether or not you believe demonic possession and exorcism are more plausible or not, but Outcast is sure to strike a nerve with anyone watching because it’s real people as opposed to dead ‘walkers’.

Watch it from June 7 FOX 10pm