Relationship benefits of exercising as a couple

Taryn Davies
Published: August 15, 2015

Celebrities are doing it, so it’s time we follow suit – here are the relationship benefits of working out as a couple.

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright, Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson and James Dunmore and Alex Mytton and Nicola Hughes have all been pictured working up a sweat together, so it’s time you and your loved one do the same.

This summer is all about working out with your partner to achieve optimum training results as well as giving your relationship a boost too.

Hugh Hanley, Virgin Active’s National Personal Training Manager, on working out as a couple:

  • Training with a training partner will help push your training even further and will also help keep your training interesting and intense
  • You will skip fewer workouts as you will have to deal with the guilt of letting your training buddy down and potentially spoiling their workout
  • Once at the gym with your workout partner they will help push you further and to the best of your ability
  • When you and your gym buddy have got into a groove you can start to try new exercises and make the workouts more interesting
  • If you need a spotter they are right there with you
  • Time flies when you’re having fun, so keeping the workouts sociable yet intense passes the time and you may even start to work out longer
Relationship benefits of exercising as a couple

Boost your attractiveness

When you exercise you breath becomes shorter, your pulse races and everywhere gets a bit sweaty, these, of course, mirror the types of things we encounter when we're physically attracted to someone. Research has revealed that it's easy to confuse the physical arousal for romantic attraction. When you work out together, you magically manage to boost your attractiveness to the other person.

Stronger bond emotionally

As you work out, you're likely to be mimicking each other's movements and become in-sync as you move through exercises. This non-verbal mimicry has been found to increase your emotional bond to another person.

More understanding in your relationship

Your partner won’t get annoyed when you want to work your schedule around your time at the gym and you’ll grow to respect each other’s dedication to fitness and exercise.

You’re both happier and more energetic

This will transcend into a ton of other aspects in both of your lives. The more energetic you are, the more you can do together that occurs outside the gym – which is going to lead to...

Better sex

Dr. Jane Greer, a marriage and relationship psychotherapist in New York City and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship told that sweating it out together is a good way to reduce stress in a relationship while also building better communication and common goals. It’s also a great way to enhance what goes on in the bedroom because exercise helps people feel better about themselves.

It also relieves stress and gives you more energy. As your self-esteem increases, you're likely to going to want to share your desirability with your partner.

A previous study has shown that just 20 minutes of intense exercise benefits both men and women sexually, as it boosts testosterone levels in men and women are more sexually responsive.