The rise and health benefits of Rye bread

Taryn Davies
Published: August 21, 2016

Health benefits of rye eating bloggers swear by it, and celebrities are big fans too, the must-have item in your food cupboard needs to be rye bread.

Rye products have seen a 9% growth this year, which is amazing when you factor in that they declined last year.

And it’s no doubt thanks to the array of rye topped poached egg/avocado/smoked salmon pictures we see daily on Instagram.

Some of our biggest fitness and healthy living inspiration swear by rye, Clean Eating Alice rarely goes a few days without sharing a picture of topped rye bread, Instagram fitness star Joe Wicks shares a recipe for rye crispbread. And former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh often posts pictures of rye bread on her Instagram.

But why choose Rye?

Well, there are endless benefits to choosing rye. It helps with digestion, boosts your gut health and is packed with fibre.

The grain is also packed full of nutrients such as magnesium, iron, and zinc, which keeps bones, skin, hair and nails healthy.

Plus, it doesn't have much gluten, so eating this is better for bloating when you compare it to normal gluten bread options.

These are health reasons why you should consider choosing rye bread next time you're in the supermarket.

Health benefits of rye

Rye can help with weight loss

Rye is often touted as the best grain for weight loss, simply because the fibre content ensures that you fill up quickly and stay fuller for longer too.

Eating this type of fibre can help reduce the amount you might snack or stop you from overeating, both of which are likely to help with weight loss.

Rye controls glucose levels

A study in Sweden has shown that eating whole grain rye products can improve glycemic profiles, stabilise insulin responses and improve sensitivity to insulin. All of this combined can help manage and lower the risk of diabetes too.

Reduces inflammation

A study proved that eating rye and pasta is better to help reduce inflammation in the body when compared with a diet that has oats, wheat bread and potatoes in it.

Prevent gallstones

Because rye bread and flour is packed with high amounts of insoluble fibre, it can help reduce the risk of gallstones. This is because the fibre helps limit the bile acids in the stomach that can lead to gallstones. Health benefits of rye

Relieve excess gas, stomach pain and cramping

Because rye is rich in fibre it can also help to relieve constipation, reduce excess gas, provide relief for stomach pain and cramping too.

Prevents some types of cancer

Whole grain rye flour also has cancer-fighting properties. These include the high amount of fibre, as well as saponins, phytic acid, polyphenols, resistant starch and protease inhibitors, all of which work to stop cancer cells from spreading.

These phytonutrients not only work against cancer, but studies have also shown that they can decrease the risk of heart disease and also help to reduce some of the symptoms that come with the menopause.

Health benefits of rye

Can reduce the chance of asthma

Research has shown that feeding children grains, like rye, means they're less likely to develop asthma as a child, compared with those who don't eat grains.