The rise and rise of lip fillers

Taryn Davies
Published: September 7, 2017

Once the reserve for Instagram models and reality stars, lip fillers are now one of the most requested aesthetic procedures requested in the UK.

The number of people enquiring about aesthetic lip enhancement treatments rose considerably to 70% when Kylie Jenner admitted on TV - that she augmented her lips.

Lip fillers had a lot of bad reputation in the past, what with a number of celebrities sporting disproportionately big lips amply dubbed the “trout pout” but now, no credited aesthetician would consider using silicone – a substance which stays permanently in the body.

Renowned Permanent Makeup Expert Laura Kay, Founder of Laura Kay London talks us through exactly what lip fillers are and alternatives if you’re not ready to get them, but want a fuller-looking pout.

The augmentation technique has thankfully now evolved, using a dissolvable filler - Hyaluronic Acid - to produce subtly fuller, luscious lips.

What are lip fillers?

As Hyaluronic Acid is produced naturally in our bodies, it can be readily injected and accepted with the body gradually breaking it down over a course of a couple of months.

It is able to hold up to 1,000 times its weight of water making it a powerful anti ageing agent as it fills out fine lines and plumps sallow, sagging skin.

Although using Hyaluronic Acid as an injectable for lip augmentation is a far more viable option than silicone, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any risks. A poor injection technique might include lots of injection or injecting with force, and these can both result in sore lips, lips that have swollen, in some cases you can even end up with uneven lips.

Those who are skilled at the practise will see the injection going into the right layer, with a massaging technique carried out afterwards to ensure the filler is evenly spread and you get the best quality results.


If you’re still unsure about having lip fillers, there are other alternatives to choose from:

The Lip Blush treatment at Laura Kay London

The Lip Blush treatment at Laura Kay London

Permanent makeup

Semi-permanent make-up can be used in a variety of ways to improve the appearance of the lips without the need to have fillers or botox.

The Lip Blush treatment at Laura Kay London is a new technique that subtly enhances the appearance of lips without the use of derma filler.

You can achieve more definition and plumpness to the lip shape by combining these specialised techniques.  A subtle and natural look is key and at Laura Kay London we blend the pigments and avoid a visible line or painted-on appearance.  To achieve an instantly fuller lip, I tend to go darker at the outer line, lighter inside edge with almost no colour in the centre.

Already a big hit with celebrities wanting a natural look, this technique gives the effect of lip fillers due to the lips plumper appearance after treatment.


If you’re pushed for time and need to create a luscious pout in minutes, here is a few fool-proof tips:

  1. Use concealer to help mattify the lips and blend them a little with your natural skin tone.
  2. Line your lips just a little outside your natural line, then use the same liner to fill in the lips, you could even apply some lipstick on top.
  3. Use gloss on the middle of your lips, this will create dimension and give your pout a fuller look.

The Lip Blush technique is available at Laura Kay London. For location of the clinics, further information and prices, please visit: or contact 020 3813 4303

The Lip Blush treatment at Laura Kay London

The Lip Blush treatment at Laura Kay London