5 Romantic Movies for Chilly Autumn Days

Taryn Davies
Published: October 30, 2017

As autumn gains more and more territory, the days become chillier and chillier. And what could be better than wrapping yourself in a warm cosy blanket and drinking a cup of hot tea while watching a good movie? If you want some inspiration for those cold autumn days, then let us tell you about 5 romantic movies that will make you feel just dreamy. So, get ready as we count down the five best films to watch on chilly autumn days.

Flipped – 2010

Remember what it felt like when you fell in love the first time? And we don’t mean your first relationship, your first date, or even your first kiss. Our question goes even further than that, do you remember the first time you’ve ever felt the butterflies in your stomach, your mind going over the hills and far away, and your heart pounding like crazy at the sight of that one very special person? If this seems like a moment that you’d like to remember, then Flipped is the film for you. Set in the early 1960s, the film tells the story of two eighth graders who begin having feelings for each other in spite of having quarrelled since childhood. This coming of age story is absolutely enchanting precisely because the feelings it relays are remarkably genuine.

Romeo + Juliet –1996

Up to this day, deciding between Baz Luhrmann’s masterpieces is an almost impossible choice to make. But Romeo + Juliet has managed to give a unique spin on what is probably the most popular love story in modern history. Luhrmann kept every single line of Shakespeare’s tragedy, but took the context out of 16th century Verona and masterfully placed it into a flashy postmodern city Verona Beach. Others have tried to bring Romeo and Juliet into the 20th century but failed miserably. It seems that Baz Luhrmann was the only filmmaker for the job and his rendition of the play, while controversial, is absolutely spectacular. From Leonardo Di Caprio + Clair Danes to the fantastic sets, and all the way to the perfect transfer of the story into modern times, Romeo + Juliet is an experience in itself.

500 Days of Summer –2009

We’re all meant to fall in love and when we do, we fall truly, madly, deeply. While many a time this might end in heartbreak, the experience of it all remains worth every single moment of sadness. This is the underlying message of “500 Days of Summer”, which is the anatomical rendition of a relationship from the very first day when Tom meets Summer and up to the last day he ever sees her. But the original storyline is not the only notable element of this film. Tom’s story is narrated step by step, which should make it a real treat for every film lover out there. Marc Webb’s film is an indie cult classic that will grip you tightly from the very first moment and keep you hoping for Tom and Summer up until the very last moment.

It Could Happen to You – 1996

During the 90s Hollywood has made some of the most romantic films of all times. But one year before Titanic got to the big screens and broke hearts left and right, Tinseltown made one of the most enchanting modern fairytales in film history. “It Could Happen to You,” tells the story of Charlie Lang, the all-American Prince Charming who truly makes a difference for his New York princess, Yvonne. Charlie promises Yvonne that he will give her half of any winnings he might get on his lottery ticket as a tip. Nobody, especially Charlie, believed that he would ever win the lottery, but he wins as much as $4 million. So, when he gives Yvonne $2 million of his newfound fortune, the entire city is fascinated and outraged at the same time. Beyond any shadow of a doubt, winning the lottery changes their lives entirely, but Charlie and Yvonne soon find out that the one thing that is truly priceless about their win is having met each other.

Before Sunrise –1995

This is yet another one of the 90s romantic classics and it is a true masterpiece because it manages to relay something extremely intimate, which is the moment when two people fall in love. Richard Linklater’s film begins withJessie and Celine, two strangers who meet on a train and spontaneously decide to spend the day in Vienna. The film follows them as they walk in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Their remarkable flow of their conversation follows in the path of genuine attraction and excitement and their interaction is simply irresistible. If you look close enough, you can pinpoint the exact moments when their fascination for each other begins and you can actually watch it grow into one of the most beautiful love stories in cinematic history.