Sagging breasts: Myths and truths

Taryn Davies
Published: July 13, 2016

Breasts, as we know, don't all look the same, and when you factor in things like age, pregnancy and weight loss, they're going to change too. Often these factors can lead to sagging, which no one really wants. But can we change them without surgery?

Gravity plays a huge part in how our breasts change shape over time, and this results in them losing their perkiness and elasticity. Something that's no doubt going to have a negative impact on how we feel towards them.

Dr Foued Hamza ( ), an internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon, says it's understandable that women want to reduce the drooping effect that often comes with age.

So with his help, we highlight the myths we need to stop believing about sagging breasts, with advice on the best way to rectify them too.

Myths and misconceptions about sagging breasts

The naked truth about sagging breasts

Myth 1: Splashing water on the breasts will keep them firm

While it might work to increase the skin's elasticity, it won't keep the breasts firm. People seem to believe that cold water can cause the tissue to shrink, lifting the boobs as a result. But it's wrong, it won't firm up the skin.

Myth 2: Chest exercises and push-ups can promote firmness and perkiness

Unfortunately, exercise might be able to tone your arms and your bum, but it's not going to leave you with firm and perky breasts. As they are made up purely of fat tissue, doing exercises like push ups won't land you with uplifted boobs.

Instead it's down to skin quality and the mammary gland size what determines the firmness of breasts, and of course as we age, these will deteriorate.

The naked truth about sagging breasts

Always wear a supportive bra during exercise

Myth 3: Wearing a bra in bed prevents sagging and keeps your boobs perky 

Don't let yourself be uncomfortable as you sleep because it's not going to have any effect on perking up your boobs. Wearing a bra might have an instantaneous effect, but once you take it off, boobs go back to their natural position. Dr Hamza reveals that wearing a bra for bed could, in fact, be detrimental to the perkiness of your boobs too. As the wire supporting works against gravity, this weakens the breast's natural ability to self-lift, likely to aggravate the sagging effect.

Myth 4: Wearing a large bra result in sagging

If you choose to wear a bigger bra, you will end up with bigger looking boobs, however, there's no evidence to suggest that it could lead to sagging. It's important however that you have a correct size for your bra because you want to feel comfortable in what you're wearing.

Myth 5: Running can prevent sagging

Running won't prevent sagging, in fact, if you don't have the correct support whilst you exercise, you're likely to encourage the sagging effect. Ensure you buy supportive bras that are designed to withstand exercise.

Myth 6: Chest exercises will make your breasts smaller

Again there's no evidence to support this myth. But it could be due to the fact that if you're exercising regularly, chances are you're trying to lose weight, which can result in your boobs becoming smaller. But it differs from woman to woman.

Myth 7:  There is nothing you can do to prevent sagging breasts

Well, this is definitely not true. There are many small steps you can do to help prevent and reduce the risk of sagging breasts. These include such things like exercise, eating well, avoiding smoking and reducing exposure to UV rays. These will help maintain healthy and quality skin.

Try such things like firming creams on the area, and always use an SPF in the area too. Plus, anti-ageing creams will also help.

The naked truth about sagging breasts

Breast augmentation is a method to help stop sagging breasts

Sagging breast treatment

For those who want effective solutions for sagging breasts, Dr Hamza recommends specific cosmetic procedures which will allow women to feel more confident about their body:

Breast implants

Breast impants depend completely on the person where they are placed, either submuscular or subglander.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer

Enhance your breast size and shape with a natural alternative to impants. Fat is taken through liposuction from the stomach, thighs or hips and then processed and purified and returned to the body in the breasts.

Breast uplift and reduction

Those with large breasts might be best opting for a reduction or uplift, this can help relieve sagging and pain caused by the weight of the chest.