Scott Cornwall Decolour Stripper review

Taryn Davies
Published: June 16, 2016

Scott Cornwall Decolour Stripper review your hair is a dramatic step to take, but sometimes it’s needed to get the hair colour you desire, we recommend trying the Scott Cornwall Decolour Stripper first, a hair colour remover that’s much gentler on your locks.

This treatment was at one time only available in salons, but this box colour stripper is safe enough to be used at home. It's gentle on hair, yet manages to remove artificial and natural colour pigments from your locks.

The unique powder formula works to form a lighter base to your hair, which can be immediately recoloured to your desired shade of hair.

How the Scott Cornwall Decolour Stripper works

  • Decolour Stripper works by using a lightener that has no ammoinia
  • It's safe for at-home use because it has the smallest amount of peroxide that can be found in a lightening product
  • The non-drip cream is easy to apply and is conditioning on your hair
  • The formula works to protect the hair as it lightens it, so you don't damage the cuticle or internal fibres
  • If needed the colour stripper can be used twice on really dark hair
  • You can then re-colour your hair immediately once the stripping process is done

Taking less than an hour, this unique formula creates a lighter base which can be effectively and immediately recoloured. It’s an ideal method if you want to change dark hair to blonde or red, or simply achieve a lighter brunette result than your current shade.

What we’ve found from this, your roots will take a lot quicker to the formula, this is why plenty of people get a halo effect when using it. So taking a strand test is necessary, so you can tell how long the roots need in comparison to the mid-lengths/ends to blend and be the same.

The product works very similarly to Bleach, there’s not really much different in the technique or texture except that the smell is less strong.

The great thing about the Decolour Stripper is you can colour again immediately. Decolour Stripper is designed so that it’s not your final destination, you probably will want to pop a colour on thereafter, so do not be shocked with what you’re left with.

Scott Cornwall Decolour Stripper review


Gentle on the hair, works well to remove colour, easy to use, can colour hair afterwards


Might take a couple of boxes for longer length hair or those with a more difficult colour

Bottom Line

The Scott Cornwall Decolour Stripper is a great at-home colour remover that’s extremely gentler on the hair, compared to bleaching, and is easy to use and works well too. As long as you take precautions and don’t go into this without reading the instructions, strand testing and doing a sensitivity test, you should be completely fine to use this at-home product that delivers excellent results.

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