Sense8 Netflix’s latest original series: Meet the characters

Taryn Davies
Published: June 1, 2015

Netflix are bringing yet another original series this month, Sense8, which follows eight people who must fight together for survival despite being from all over the world.

We’re pretty certain that when all 12 episodes of this dramatic thriller launch on Friday June 5 we’ll have watched them instantaneously.

The show comes from The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski, as well as Grant Hill so we certainly have high expectations.


The international cast includes Daryl Hannah, Brian J. Smith, Tuppence Middleton, Jamie Clayton, and many more stars.

The show centres around eight characters so here’s an introduction to them with the things you need to know. One thing they all have in common, it was just one small gene mutation that turned them into a sensate.Sense8

Will Gorski (Played by Brian J. Smith)

  1. Location: Chicago, Illinois
  2. Occupation: Police Officer

Will is the first one that Jonas is in touch with. When he was young he had an experience with murder and now he suffers from visions and migraines because of it.

Riley (Played by Tuppence Middleton)

  1. Born: Iceland
  2. Location: London, England
  3. Occupation: DJ

Riley's life is plagued by the drug scene, and her past troubles are once again rearing their ugly head.

Wolfgang (Played by Max Riemelt)

  1. Location: Berlin, Germany
  2. Occupation: Locksmith aka Safe-cracker

Wolfgang has daddy issues that definitely come to rise in the show.

Nomi Marks (Played by Jamie Clayton)

  1. Location: San Francisco, California
  2. Occupation: Political Blogger

Transgender character Nomi has her life completely upheaved when she's told she'll die in six months unless she has brain surgery.

Capheus (Played by Aml Ameen)

  1. Location: Nairobi, Kenya
  2. Occupation: Bus Driver

Capheus loves his job, has an optimistic nature, yet he's desperately trying to save the life of his mother by earning money for her treatment.

Kala (Played by Tina Desai)

  1. Location: Mumbai, India
  2. Occupation: Pharmacist

Kala is headed for an arranged marriage, but when she prays for it not to go ahead, things don't turn out exactly as she had planned.

Lito (Played by Miguel Angel Silvestre)

  1. Location: Mexico City, Mexico
  2. Occupation: Actor

Lito is living in the closet because he thinks coming out as gay wil damage his career.

Sun (Played by Doona Bae)

  1. Location: Seoul, South Korea
  2. Occupation: Chief Financial Officer

Sun is a highly trained kickboxer. She also has a huge sacrifice to make in a bid to save her family when she gets caught up in embezzlement.