Signs you’re stressed and didn’t even know

Taryn Davies
Published: September 4, 2017

You would assume that advancing technology is making life easier. However, a study has found that nearly two-thirds of people in the UK are experiencing work-related stress, and this is pushing employers to do something about it. From counselling sessions to relaxed Fridays, employers are waking up to the fact that stress affects productivity, and that occupational health can have a serious negative impact on employees. Because working is so habitual, you may not notice that you’re stressed until you stop to think about it, and this could be harming your health. Some signs of stress can feel completely normal, but over time, they can have a detrimental effect on your health.

You’re constantly thinking about work

You’re at work so you think about work. Then you go home just before you managed to finish that one last thing, and before you know it: you’re having dinner and you’re thinking about work. You’re watching the TV and you’re thinking about work. You’re spending time with your family and you’re thinking about work. You can even go into work the next day, and the whole journey is spent worrying about yesterday’s work.

Are you actually stressed and don't know it? not to start a new task just before you head home. If you write a to do list in the morning, make it a manageable one, and stick to it. Piling work on yourself at 4 pm is a sure fire way to stress yourself out when you leave the building. Turn off your email client. If you leave the building, leave the work there too.

You Frequently Have Bad Dreams

Having bad dreams is a sign that you’re worried or anxious. If you’re waking up in a cold sweat and having difficulty sleeping because you’re worried about the future, it is probably due to a high level of stress about the unknown.

If it is the future that is bothering you, and you need to put your mind at ease, tarot readings might help. Mediums are skilled in looking to the future, to help you better understand your path, and in turn this might help you get a bit more shut eye. To help yourself drift off, a few drops of lavender on the pillow might also help.

You frequently have a cold

You woke up a couple of days ago with a cold, and just as it has disappeared, another one arrives, and so goes the cycle. Stress can cause the body’s immune receptors to stop working effectively, ensuring that you always feel run down and ill.

Take some time for yourself. If having a holiday isn’t an option, run a bath, switch off your phone and listen to your favourite music. Remembering that you need to stop can be difficult in a world where everything is so instant, and we feel as though we have no time to stop.

You’re getting angry for no reason

Your partner drinks the last of your milk, and it sends you into a meltdown. The cat decided to bring in a dead mouse and you find yourself shrieking the house down. If it isn’t usually in your disposition to be angry, this could be due to stress.

Having a short fuse can be just as frustrating as the action that caused you to get angry. Meditating and mindfulness can help. There are lots of apps available which help you to restore your body’s natural rhythm through breathing exercises and joining a yoga class could help to pull focus from everyday frustrations.