Skin Doctors Eye Circle review

Taryn Davies
Published: March 15, 2016

Dark under-eye circles needn’t be something you have to live with or cover up with heavy duty concealer, thanks to Skin Doctors Eye Circle you can treat and diminish them.

The eye cream is designed to dramatically reduce the look of serious, dark under-eye circles, help improve the eye area by creating firmer and more toned skin. It also fights the visible signs of ageing too.

Skin Doctors Eye Circle review Ingredients

Active ingredients should have an effect on the skin; they are added to a product to carry out an action, there are two active ingredients in the Skin Doctors Eye Circle cream.

Haloxyl: This peptide works to strengthen the skin density, it also works by clearing the degraded red blood cells too.

Walteria indicia extract and fruit acid complex: This combination of ingredients leaves your skin looking brighter and softer. It also helps to lessen the appearance of pigmentation too.

How does Eye Circle work?

Eye Circle works thanks to the combination of active ingredients above, and it also boasts a number of vitamins too. The moisturisers in this eye cream work to brighten the skin and help to nurture such a delicate area on your face.


What causes dark circles?

Most people associate the purplish bags under the eyes as a symptom of tiredness, worries, stress and sleepless nights. But it's often due to a low circulation of the blood, which means that the low oxygenated blood has a bluish appearance, which gives the look of dark circles.

However, some people can get dark brown circles around their eyes, and this is due to something different. The permanent discolouration is a result of blood that has leaked out of the micro capillaries under the eye.
Skin Doctors Eye Circle review


Reduces appearance of dark circles, skin around the eye feels firmer, hydrating


Can be expensive to buy if you don't manage to get it on offer like it is now

Bottom Line

After just a few weeks’ use, twice a day, dark under-eye circles will be diminished and your eyes will look brighter, in turn your whole face will look more fresh and youthful. This is a cream we can’t imagine not using now.

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