Sleek Brow Intensity review

Taryn Davies
Published: February 6, 2017

Shape, highlight and fill out your eyebrows with the brand new Sleek Brow Intensity tool that’s a two-in-one that you’ll never want to be without.

Sleek Brow IntensityThe pen-like design will slip easily into your makeup bag and as you master the application of this little tool you’ll never go a day without intensifying your brows.

The double-ended brow tool is designed to both shape and highlight eyebrows, so whether you prefer your brows super-defined or big and bold with Brow Intensity you can achieve the look you desire.

  • Double-ended brow tool with colour and highlight
  • Fibre-enriched brow mascara gel adheres to skin and hair
  • Sculpt and define with one tool
  • Long-lasting and smudge proof
  • Natural-looking fullness and definition
  • Unique brush with applicator tip for colour coverage but natural looking
  • Available in five core shades with two variations of highlighter
Sleek Brow Intensity review

How to use the Sleek Brow Intensity

Use short sweeping motions to apply the tapered sponge-tip along the brows to define and sculpt your desired shape – make sure you wipe away excess product so you don’t go in really heavy on your first attempt. Build up the colour for a much more natural look.

Then comb through with the brush to blend and build up brows, the fibre-enriched brow mascara gel will help to create a fuller brow. You might find it a little difficult at first to angle it so you can use the brush without covering your brow in more gel product from the tip, but you’ll get used to it after a couple of goes.

After this, apply the highlighter pencil under your brow following the shape of the brow to define your arch. The product is really creamy and applies easily. It gives your brows a subtle sheen that’s perfect for everyday wear. Just make sure you don’t wind the nib up too much, as it’ll just instantly snap as you apply pressure to use it.


Great pigmentation, easy to use, wide variety of shades, affordable, quality, long lasting


Be careful with the highlighter side, push it up too much and it’ll break instantly

Bottom line

This easy to use and long-lasting formula from Sleek makes the Brow Intensity a must-have tool. The double ended design with brush tool makes this an all-in-one eyebrow product you won’t want to be without. It comes in a variety of shades, so there’s something for everyone and the design is sleek and sophisticated – perfect for any travelling makeup bag.

The gel brow mascara has microfibers so not only are your brows filled in with colour, but they look thicker too, as they add density and fill gaps. The clever brush also helps to shape and sculpt your brows too.

The creamy highlighter defines your brows in a subtle way too. This has definitely become our go-to for creating beautiful brows that stand out and that last too.