St. Moriz Gradual Tan review

Taryn Davies
Published: March 7, 2018

St. Moriz have cemented themselves as a go-to for budget-friendly tanning products and their newly launched gradual tanning products make the range easier to use than ever before.

The launch of the Advanced Pro Gradual Tan and Protect Cream and the Golden Glow Tanning Moisturiser was definitely music to our ears as they don’t require as much effort as fake tan does, plus they typically smell nicer and you don’t end up with tan stains on your light bedding.

St Moriz Advanced Pro Gradual Tan And Protect CreamSt. Moriz Advanced Pro Gradual Tan and Protect Cream

The Advanced Pro Gradual Tan and Protect Cream is something that we’ve never seen before, with the addition of SPF 30 with the gradual tan. This makes this the perfect option for those who want to protect their skin on a daily basis.

The formula is hydrating and soft to work with, there’s a subtle scent that smells quite pleasant and it absorbs quickly into the skin so you can dress once you’ve applied this cream and not feel tacky or greasy.

The colour is said to develop in three to four hours, but as with all gradual tans we use we apply them at night and wake up with a hint of colour. This, of course, is something that is designed to be used in the morning, so you can benefit from the added sun protection in the cream.

The Tan and Protect Cream can be used on the face too, but because of the SPF in the formula, you’ll want to ensure that you clean skin properly before bedtime so that you don’t clog your pores and risk a breakout.

St Moriz Golden Glow Tanning Moisturiser 2St. Moriz Golden Glow Tanning Moisturiser

The St Moriz Golden Glow Tanning Moisturiser is your more typical gradual tan product that doesn’t have added skin protection but gives you a gorgeous subtle hint of colour to make you look healthy.

The formula is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to leave skin feeling soft, supple and nourished. When you apply the cream it absorbs easily into your skin, allowing you to put your clothes on straight away. There’s a really sweet and pleasant scent to the cream, which is different from other gradual tans we’ve previously used.

When you wake in the morning you’ll notice a difference to the colour of your skin, however, it isn’t completely dramatic, so it’s great for fair-skinned ladies who just want a subtle difference. If you’re looking for a deep tan you’ll probably need to apply this a few nights on the run to really see a difference.

The great thing about this gradual tan is how it wears off, there are no tell-tale signs when this tan is beginning to fade, you’ll just notice after a few days of not applying it that your skin goes back to its original shade without any tan patches.


Both gradual tanners smell really pleasant, absorb easily, no tacky or sticky feeling, gives a subtle hint of gradual colour, easy to apply, little chance of streaks or patches


You won’t see a huge difference to your skin shade with just one application, so if you’re looking for a quick fix normal tan is going to be your best option

Bottom Line

Gradual tan is always going to be our first option when it comes to giving our skin a hint of colour, because they’re really easy to use, smell much nicer than normal tan and the chances of streaks or patches are practically non-existent.

The St. Moriz gradual tanners are both high quality, smell lovely, absorbs easily and give your skin a subtle kiss of colour. The creams don’t feel too heavy on the skin, but provide plenty of nourishment alongside the hint of colour.

The added SPF 30 in the Advanced Pro Tan and Protect Cream is perfect for who apply their cream in the morning and will get the added benefit of sun protection we should all be using on a daily basis.

The St. Moriz gradual tanners are affordable, high quality and readily available, definitely a gradual tan you’ll want to try whilst we wait for the sun to put its hat on.