I Want a Golden Tooth – Strange dental requests we’ve heard

Taryn Davies
Published: October 4, 2018

With modern culture being a plethora of fashion styles and trends, it’s not surprising to see that people also want to make a “look” out of their teeth. However, this can go far further than a simple whitening appointment. This list will certainly show the stranger requests that dentists may have to endure if they want to get through the normal nine to five.

“Fangs” for the Treatments

You have heard of using fake plastic fangs for Halloween parties or trick or treating, but did you know that dentists have actually been requested by patients to help them obtain the real deal? With Vampire Fang Implants you can undertake either having temporary fang like caps placed over your own teeth, or you can have the tooth thinned before a permanent cap is placed on top, and attached to the gum with wire. With their cost usually around $2000 to $5000, be sure that your teeth are in good shape before the dentist undergoes the treatment, you don’t want any chance of them falling out. That would be quite the scary experience.

Expensive Jewels

For cosmetic dental specialists, like Ten Dental, there are occasional requests for teeth being “glammed up”, such as with grills or perhaps gemmed dental braces. However, one unlucky dental specialist was treating a patient, only to find out that they had recently broken off their engagement. With the wedding ring already purchased, the client asked if it was possible to have one of their teeth prepared to place the diamond inside of it. Waste not, want not.

Strange dental requests

Clients getting “Lippy”

Nowadays, it is extremely normal to have permanent make up applied as a medical procedure, whether that be for perfect eyeliner or the correct colour lipstick. However, these practices tend to be kept out of the dental chair. But for one client, after her checkup was completed, she decided to inquire into whether or not her dentist could supply her with anaesthesia on her lips. This was so she could have her permanent “lipstick” tattoo on her lips without having any pain. At least she was thinking ahead to the next treatment.

Just Pull Them Out

It is a dentist’s job to save as many teeth as they can in an unhealthy mouth, meaning that their main aim is not to simply pull a tooth, in fact, that is seen as a last resort tactic. That is why it is definitely a strange request to hear that a client wants to have all their teeth pulled out and replaced with dentures. What makes this request so odd is that dentures are certainly not an ideal alternative to teeth. As gums change shape without a solid mass to hold them, i.e. teeth, they will slowly change over the years, eventually requiring, usually every three years, for the denture holder to purchase new ones. Dentures tend to be quite uncomfortable, therefore it is important to keep hold of your pearly whites for as long as you can.