5 of the best Thai broth recipes you need to try

Taryn Davies
Published: January 15, 2018

Thai Broths are simple and easy to make and incredibly delicious, adding these to your cooking repertoire will not only impress family and friends but become a go-to when you’re short on time as they’re relatively easy to make too.

These are some of our favourite Thai broth recipes we’ve tried over the years, with different types and flavours – we’re pretty sure you’re going to fall in love with at least one of these recipes.

Prawn Thai broth

Thank you, Hannah Gale, for sharing this delight of a recipe, which we can whip up in about 15 minutes or so. It’s the perfect recipe when you need something filling, delicious, healthy and quick.

Thai Broth Recipes You Need To Try (3)

Hot and Sour Thai Chicken broth

Add some spice to your meal with this broth from Delia Online. It is based on a version of Tom Yum soup which you'll find in most Thai restaurants, it's a spicy broth that's packed with flavour.

Thai Broth Recipes You Need To Try (1)

Simple Thai Noodle Soup

We can't get enough of this noodle soup from the BBC, a big bowl of this is perfect for those dark and dreary evenings. It even makes a good Friday-night meal that makes you feel like you're having a takeaway, but in reality, it's healthier and easier on the purse too.

Thai Chicken Broth

Don' be put off by the long list of ingredients, as a speedy cooking time and delicious outcome for this Thai chicken soup recipe, from Good Housekeeping, makes up for it.

Thai Broth Recipes You Need To Try (4)

King prawn, noodle and lemongrass Thai broth recipe

Another Thai broth to try is this one from The Detox Kitchen, not only is it incredibly delicious, but it's packed with nutrients including potassium, selenium and tryptophan, which are perfect to help you feel better on the inside when you've been eating particularly unhealthy foods.

The broth is fresh and fragrant with ginger, lemongrass and coriander all standing out in terms of flavour. The recipe calls for brown rice noodles, but you could substitute them for courgette spaghetti if you wanted to get an extra vegetable in the broth.

Thai Broth Recipes You Need To Try (2)