3 reasons to watch The A Word

Taryn Davies
Published: March 22, 2016

The A Word is a brand new drama starting tonight on BBC One, and we think it’s one everyone needs to watch and here’s why.

A reworking of an Israeli drama, writer Peter Bowker wants to highlight the pleasures and problems that come with raising an autistic child.

Here are the reasons we think you should watch The A Word tonight on BBC One.

The premise

The story is based around five-year-old Joe, a sweet boy who loves to listen to music with his headphones on, and doesn't seem able to connect to the world.

His parents are aware that there is something different about him, but they're terrified about what might happen if they commit to the fact that their son has autism.

Bowker taught children with learning difficulties and autism for 14 years before he became a writer, so in a way he's a great candidate for writing the story about a child and the key moments that mark him out.

Hard hitting subject

Bowker told the Daily Mirror that he was eager to write about what it means to have a child that's different because it's often hidden.

He hopes that this show will start a conversation about autism, and bring awareness to people who might not know much about it and what it means to have a child that's different.


Four reasons you need to watch the BBC's The A Word TheFuss.co.uk

Christopher Ecclestone stars

Christopher Eccelstone stars as Joe's Grandad in the show. He says it's a special job, and he's hoping that the audience will connect with the characters.


The A Word is on tonight BBC One 9pm

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