The ways you cheat without sex

Taryn Davies
Published: July 22, 2017

Do you classify yourself as a cheater? Well, if you haven’t had sex with another person whilst you’ve been in a relationship then you’re not, are you?

Thanks to mobile phones and social media the boundaries are becoming quite blurred, and it’s easier than ever to cheat without physically having sex. But what exactly does this entail?

You cancel dates for no reason

There can be a million and one reasons why we cancel a date, but it's important to be honest with your partner about why you don't want to see them, whether it's because you want to see your friends or just have some time alone. It might not be what they want to hear but it's something they'll have to deal with if they want the relationship to work. It's important to recognise that you're your own person and you need to have a separate life as well as the one you share.

The ways you cheat without sex

Do you hide what you're doing on the phone?

Telling another woman about your relationship troubles

When you speak to another woman about relationship problems, whether they’re intimate, trivial, large or small, you’re revealing the weaknesses in your relationship and this can be a form of intimacy. It may not start this way, but more likely than not it’s going to develop into this.

Deleting texts or emails in case your partner sees them

This can be a bit of a grey area, because they may in fact just be random conversations about day-to-day topics, but you have to ask, why are they being deleted?

If you feel that you can’t let your partner see certain exchanges or conversations, you need to address why that is and whether you’re going to stop them.

Dressing to attract someone other than your partner

If you’re dressing up to look good for someone else, you need to re-examine your motives. Trying to attract someone else by wearing a sexy-looking outfit is one more way to jump into unfaithful waters.

Sharing important news

The ways you cheat without sex

Are you making an effort for someone else?

Something big happen with your job or your family? Usually the first person you'd tell is your partner, but by telling someone else you've relied on them as your primary emotional confidant.

Naked selfies

It’s hard to understand why anyone would send a naked image of themselves to anyone other than their partner if it wasn’t for sexual reasons, right? You may think you’re having a laugh and joke, but the chances are your other half is going to feel hurt and a little humiliated by your behaviour.

Taking someone to your ‘spot’

You know the place where you spend hours talking to each other, or your visit on special occasions, it’s important that ‘that’ place is kept for just you too. Those places are off-limits, even if you’re just catching up with an old friend, it crossing boundaries you don’t want to address.

They reveal embarrassing moments

We all have embarrassing moments, and sometimes it can be fun to share them if the time and place calls for them. But to bring them up at random, unexpected moments simply seems like they're doing it to build themselves up at your expense, leaving you with a bit a of a red face.

You spend money you haven’t agreed on

This one might come at a more developed stage of a relationship, but if you're spending money behind your partner's back on something they don't feel comfortable with or they don't know about, you're not being true.

After reading the above, again we ask you, do you classify yourself as a cheater?

Are you emotionally cheating on your partner?