TV Guide for Spring 2018

Published: April 5, 2018

With Spring officially sprung, it's safe to say that TV season is back in full swing. There are so many tv shows to watch this season that it's hard to know where to begin. You may have returning favourites, part specials and one off shows you plan on watching this Spring, but what exactly are they? Below is your guide to the best TV on the box this season, including brand new shows you might not have heard about!

Westworld Season 2

With Westworld ending on the cliff hanger to end all cliffhangers two years ago, fans have been waiting to see in which direction the show will go. By the looks of things, it's fair to say that Deloras has become the badass we all wanted during the first season of Westworld. But what else is in store for us? What will happen to Ed Harris' character? And will Maeve finally find her daughter? Due for release in the UK on April 22nd, you can catch Westworld of Sky Atlantic.

The Originals Season 5

After its original release, there was a lot of hype for The Originals and it's popularity over its parent show, The Vampire Diaries. With TVD having ended, and excitement over The Originals slowly dwindling, The CW ensured Season 5 would be its last. However, it's still thought that this season will live up to expectations, with director Julie Plec stating that the series will end the characters and storyline in a way that respects them. You can watch The Originals Season 5 online, as the show will be released in America on April 20th this year. There is still yet to be an announcement for an official UK release of the show.

The Handmaids Tale Season 2

Director Elizabeth Moss has stated that the opening scene of the latest season will be a shock and a surpise for fans of The Handmaids Tale. Does this mean someone will die? Will Offred escape? We can only hope. One thing we know for certain is that the show is due for release on Hulu on April 25th, with Channel 4 releasing the show a few weeks later.

Killing Eve

Arriving later this year, Killing Eve is a highly anticipated new thriller for BBC One. Based on novellas of the same name, Killing Eve is based around an MI5 officer who dreams of becoming a spy in her own right. Offered the chance to track down a known female assasin, Eve is catapulted into a nervous game of cat and mouse in the fight for her life. A refreshing take on a James Bond-esqe drama, Killing Eve is one to watch out for this Spring, with a trailer due for a release in the coming weeks.

Kiss Me First

Fan of Skins? Fan of Ready Player One? Fan of The Island (with Leo - not the show)? You might just like Kiss Me First. It sounds like an odd combination, but bare with us. Based on a novel of the same name, Kiss Me First follows a group of teens as they explore a VR open world and stumble upon a beautiful place just for them. With the first episode having already hit our screens this week, this dark teen drama already has critics talking. You can catch up with Kiss Me First on Channel 4, and keep up to date with the latest episodes each week.