TV news we learnt at Comic Con 2015

Taryn Davies
Published: July 13, 2015

San Diego Comic-Con has just wrapped up, and one of the world’s biggest celebrations of pop culture and a major marketing opportunity to build hype for film and television shows.

So, what did we learn from Comic Con 2015?

More than 130,000 fans attended the shows over the past few days, with tickets selling out in under an hour, but if you didn’t manage to get your hands on one, we’ve rounded up the news you need to know about your favourite TV shows.

The Vampire Diaries

It was the seventh time The Vampire Diaries hit Comic Con, but the first time they done so without Nina Dobrev, who started in the show as Elena Gilbert. Dobrev announced her departure from the series earlier this year.

Paul Wesley says her departure definitely helps to give the show a fresh take on the show which has been on for more than half a decade.

Season 7 only started filming a week ago, so there was no footage to share, but Ian Somerhalder teased that his character Damon Salvatore is back to his old ways.

Ian Somerhalder says Damon is back to the character we fell in love with for the new series

Ian Somerhalder says Damon is back to the character we fell in love with for the new series
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Somerhalder will also be directing another episode after making his directorial debut in Season 6.

The big challenge for this series is topping the villain from the latest season, Kai. This time we have a group of vampire-witch hybrids, the fun part, they're led by Stefan and Damon's mother.

The Vampire Diaries returns in the US on October 8.

Scream Queens

Jamie Lee Curtis stole the panel for Fox’s new show, Scream Queens. The horror series is based inside a college and there's a serial killer on the loose.

Jamie Lee Curtis stole the Scream Queens' panel at Comic Con

Jamie Lee Curtis stars in Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens
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Ryan Murphy is creator of the show and only had Curtis in mind to play the college Dean.

One of the actress' standout roles is Laurie Strode in the Halloween horror films, and Curtis says there's a little homage for the fans in episode two.

Murphy explained that the show's actors don't know the exact identity of the killer and are filming different takes of cast members acting as if they are behind the murders.

America Horror Story: Hotel

There wasn't much revealed about the latest American Horror Story series, Hotel, unfortunately.

The names of the characters were revealed, but they don't give much away.

Unfortunately Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande couldn't make the panel. But Ryan Murphy did discuss his excitement at getting Gaga to work on the series.

He explained he often gets requests from actors who want to appear, but as soon as he heard Gaga did he jumped at the chance to have her on board.



She revealed she wanted to play someone really evil, and she was dedicated to spending as much time as needed for the show.

He said that designers have been in touch to work with her on the show.

Lady Gaga wanted to play an evil character in AHS

Lady Gaga wanted to play an evil character in AHS
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Teen Wolf

MTV revealed this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con International that Teen Wolf has been renewed for its sixth season.

And although it was confirmed there would be another season, we don't know how many episodes exactly.

The Teen Wolf cast could soon be too old to play their characters

The Teen Wolf cast could soon be too old to play their characters
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Ali Adler insists that the Supergirl story is something that needed to be told.

Star of the show Melissa Benoist certainly made an impression on the producers as she was the first person they saw for the role and she obviously bagged it.

The beginning of the season will introduce the villains Reactron and Livewire. Additionally, Nurse Jackie alum Peter Facinelli will play Maxwell Lord.

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones panel shed some light on what we all want to know, the deaths of season 5, Stannis Baratheon is totally dead.

David Nutter, who directed the episode, confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Stannis is done for, regardless of what we did or didn't see.

Jon Snow is definitely dead too. Fans still aren't convinced though and Carice van Houten, who plays Melisandre basically said she has no idea what's going to happen.

The Game of Thrones San Diego Comic Con panel was a huge amount of fun, but the highlight definitely came when half way through an audition reel featuring many of the actors was shown.