The TV shows that have been cancelled, renewed and revived

Taryn Davies
Published: June 23, 2015

It’s that time of year once again when the TV Network people decide which shows will be returning to our screens, those we’ll never see again, and those past loved ones that will reappear.

Here’s a list of what’s happening to our favourites:

Hannibal = Cancelled

Despite it's cult following, CBS has announced Hannibal will be no more. The show will finish on the third season, let's hope it all gets wrapped up nicely.

Hannibal NBC

Empire = Expanded

Empire is among the list of this season's most successful breakout shows. In lieu of its instant popularity, FOX announced the second season will increase from 12 to 18 episodes and be split into two halves. More drama and much more Cookie! We can hardly wait.

The Vampire Diaries = Renewed

Whilst Nina Dobrev won’t be returning as Elena, the show will return for a seventh season. We’re not entirely sure how it’ll serve up, but we’ll still be watching to find out. At least we'll have Damon.

Scandal = Renewed

We dread the day when Scandal is no longer on our screens; thankfully it’s something we won’t have to worry about for at least another season. Phew.

American Idol = Cancelled

We can hardly believe that we’re typing this, but after 15 seasons American Idol has been given the boot. There’s been plenty of drama over the years and Fox has decided to pull the plug on the reality music show. Don’t worry too much though, in early 2016 you’ll see the final ever series, so just make sure you clear your calendar to soak it all up.

Supernatural = Renewed

Thankfully the CW isn't cutting us off from all the good stuff. Supernatural and all its high-fantasy greatness will return for our viewing pleasure.

Nashville = Renewed

Country music has never been cooler thanks to Nashville and we’re happy to see that will continue for another season too.

The Good Wife = Renewed

We’re excited to find out the outcome of Alicia’s campaign and thankfully we’re going to get another season out of the smart and driven character too.

CSI = Cancelled

Clearly seniority means nothing. After 15 years of crime-solving goodness CBS has decided to pull the plug on CSI. It seems as though we are moving into a new era of TV, one without some of the classic greats. Reports suggest that the series will end with an epic two-hour TV movie.

The Muppets = Revived

This was probably your favourite years ago, but what was once strictly for tots is returning for a more adult audience thanks to ABC. The revival will explore the relationships and lives of the muppet characters. Adult puppets: kinda weird, kinda cool.

Modern Family = Renewed

Thankfully our favourite comedy will be back on our screens, we can’t imagine life without Cameron Tucker, can you?

The Originals = Renewed

As we head back to Mystic Falls for the seventh season, the spin-off show continues into its third season as well. We have our fingers crossed Klaus will make an appearance in TVD sometime soon too.

Hart of Dixie = Cancelled

After four seasons, Hart of Dixie joins the list of axed shows for the year. Despite its outstanding performance on Hulu, the show's ever-changing schedule and season four's shrunken episode-run more than hinted that Dixie was on its way out.

Madam Secretary = Renewed

Tea Leoni’s White House drama will return for a second season, we can’t wait for more political drama to hit our screen.

Gotham = Renewed

The Batman prequel will be returning for a second season, after the season premiere secured Fox’s highest rated fall drama debut in 14 years. Whilst it’s mainly focused on the detectives in the show, our favourite character is hands down the Penguin.

The Mindy Project = Cancelled, well kind of

It was reported that Fox would not be picking up the show for a fourth season, much to our dismay. But now news is speculating that Hulu will carry the torch and continue to give us our favourite comedy gal.

Grey’s Anatomy = Renewed

Okay seriously, how long has this show been running? Some of us are still recovering from the death of McDreamy while many others shelved GA about five years ago. If you are of the former group, never fear: Grey has plenty of melodramatic intensity and tear-jerking episodes to offer for what is likely to be several more seasons.

Revenge = Cancelled

It comes as no surprise really that Revenge has been cancelled after a quite boring fourth and final season. If you have yet to watch it, we wouldn’t suggest bothering. The first three are much, much better.

Stalker = Cancelled

CBS cancelled this drama, but at least stars Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott have each other to console.

Criminal Minds = Renewed

Thankfully our favourite crime drama is returning, we all know we like to apply their methods to everyday situations.

Brookly Nine-Nine = Renewed

Thankfully there will be a third season of the FOX comedy.

The Big Bang Theory = Renewed

It was back in March 2014 when it was confirmed that Big Bang Theory would have another three series, continuing until the 2016-2017 season.

Full(er) House = Revived

Yes, your eyes have not deceived you. John Stamos confirmed that the Full House family is returning to TV with a reunion episode followed by a Netflix spin-off series featuring DJ Tanner and her children.

The most high profile new show debuting on CBS in the fall is the DC Comics adaptation, Supergirl which stars Melissa Benoist as the beloved Kryptonian regugee.

CBS have also ordered television reboots of Limitless and Rush Hour, as well as Jane Lynch's supernatural comedy Angel From Hell.