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Urban  Outfitters Opening Hours

Urban Outfitters Opening Hours
Head Office  24 hours, 7 days a week

Urban Outfitters Head Office Address

Urban Outfitters Address
Head Office 200 Oxford Street, Soho, Soho, W1D 1NU

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters operates in the US, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, UK and Spain. Their targeted age group are between 18-28 as their inventory consists of women's and men's fashion apparel, footwear, beauty and accessories, activewear and gear and houseware, all of which usually focuses around a hipster, ironically humorous, retro style. Not only does Urban Outfitters provide their products through their own stores, it can also be reached through websites and select department stores.
If you need to contact Urban Outfitters for any reason then you can use any of the numbers on this page to contact the company.


Urban Outfitters supply both men's and women's clothing within their stores, and all of their clothing items feature designs that are considered hipster or retro. Along with having their own labelled designs within their stores they also sell a lot of sport clothing like Adidas, Reebok, Umbro and Fila along with brands like Calvin Klein and vintage clothing. Their women's clothing section contains collections like Umbro and Tommy Jeans as well as a variety of clothing items to choose from including dresses, tops, jackets, bottoms, sportswear, lingerie, swimwear, beauty, accessories, shoes and vintage clothing.
The men's clothing in Urban Outfitters also shows its own style with collections like the Bob Marley Exodus 40 collection and Tommy Jeans as well as the usual clothing items like tops, jackets, bottoms, sportswear, socks and underwear, vintage clothing, accessories, shoes and brands like Adidas, Cheap Monday, Farah, Levi's, Loom, Nike and Shore Leave.

Delivery and Returns

When you order online with Urban Outfitters you can get your orders delivered for free to your home and if you are unhappy with a product then your return of the product will be free as well. Along with this, they allow for click and collect options where you can order a product to be delivered to your nearest store for you to pick up when you're ready. Urban Outfitters offer 10% student discount to anyone with a valid UniDays account. This doesn't always apply so it's good to keep your eye out for the opportunity.

Home and Gifts

When you browse the home and gifts section in Urban Outfitters you can find a wide range of items at your disposal. Here you will access furniture, accessories and other objects that will make your house feel homey, along with a selection of gift objects that are perfect as quirky presents for the ones you love.

Home Accessories

For their home accessories selection, they offer a large range of options of furnishings for your choosing. Within the section they have wall art and posters, which includes anything from framed art to tapestries and wall hangings, rugs and doormats, candles, cushions, curtains, terrariums and garden - which is useful for anyone who loves to be surrounded by plants (real or fake), frames and albums, jewellery and storage, mirrors and bathroom accessories like bath mats and shower curtains. These small accessories are useful for adding a personalised touch to any area in your home and all come with intricate designs and interesting decorating possibilities.


When you look through Urban Outfitters' bedding section they supply some duvet covers and pillow cases which you can sort through by selecting colour, size, price and collections, as well as offering throws and blankets that you can place around your home to create a warm and comforting environment wherever you go. Throws and blankets can be used well in rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, studies and even covered outdoor areas to ensure that wherever you sit you can ensure that you will be able to cover yourself if you're looking for comfort and warmth as well as the style that is offered by Urban Outfitters.


Along with buying small accessories for your home, you can also find a small range of furniture while browsing through Urban Outfitters online store, as they offer a selection of furniture items to style your home perfectly. They offer sofas and chairs with a range of designs and prices, as well as beds and headboards, each of which can add a specific theme and design to your bedroom. If you add a designed Urban Outfitters headboard behind your bed then you can instantly change the overall design of the bed and enhance the style of your room. Along with these larger comfort items, you can also buy a range of tables from Urban Outfitters including side tables and coffee tables meaning that you won't be lacking in both style and function by purchasing any of these items. There is also the opportunity to purchase storage and shelving from the company, which offers stylish and useful options to help you store your belongings within your home.


Urban Outfitters' light selection offers all of the kinds of light fittings that can offer a personalised touch to any home decorations you might have. With a wide range of fairy and novelty lights you can help to decorate any area within your home with a small and quirky design. As well as this they display table and floor lamps which provide adequate lighting as well as bringing together any rooms decoration by becoming more like furniture than a lighting piece. Their pendants and wall lights provide stylish additions to your room while you are looking for the opportunity to design your lighting within your home.

Kitchen and Bar

In their kitchen and bar section Urban Outfitters have a wide range of intricately designed pieces that will fit in well with your kitchen. With dinnerware in a variety of designs, glasses and mugs for every occasion and kitchen accessories that bring a sense of style to your average kitchen-ware, you can find something to suit your home within their selection. They also provide water bottles with cute designs and hip flasks and bar accessories, so if you have an area that you can make into your own personal bar you can find anything you might need here. Along with all of this is their small collection of recipe books to select from with varieties from cocktails to burgers to vegan recipes.

Fun and Gifts

The fun and gifts section in Urban Outfitters contains a random selection of gifts and items that you can use and collect, usually relating to the time of year. They have a gifts and novelties section which contains small items you can collect to add to a gift for someone, as well as a party and games selection that contains party essentials including games and drinking accessories as well as decorations. Depending on what time of year it is, the other sections will include season-related items like pool floats or Christmas items, as well as a sweets section for any of their customers with a sweet tooth.


It's easy to apply for a job with Urban Outfitters when you visit their website. By visiting their careers page you can browse through their careers, especially by searching for vacancies either manually by searching for a specific job title or by checking each area you can be employed in: head office, stores and distribution. Each section offers different job types meaning that you're likely to find somewhere to fit in if you know exactly what you're looking for. They have a Linked In account which means you can easily use the app to set up a working relationship with the company and express your interest, and they also provide FAQ's and top tips in relation to applying for a job with Urban Outfitters.