Vegetarian UK food blogs you need to follow

Taryn Davies
Published: May 16, 2017

It’s National Vegetarian Week and whether or not you’ve decided to choose to eat less meat this week or forever, here are the UK Vegetarian Food blogs you need on your radar to provide plenty of food inspiration.

TV chefs the Hairy Bikers are on board for National Vegetarian Week 15-21 May 2017.

The Hairy Bikers said: "As cooks, we've always appreciated our veg and they're a hugely important part of our cooking. And lately, without really thinking about it, we've been eating less meat. The more we learn about cooking great food, the more we enjoy making use of all the amazing produce that's on offer and creating dishes where vegetables, pulses and other plant foods are the stars of the show. That's why we're getting stuck into National Vegetarian Week this year… and we think you should too."

If you need more inspiration for Vegetarian recipes other than the blogs below, The Hairy Bikers have published their own vegetarian cookbook called The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie. It’s their fifth book in the Hairy Dieters series, which has sold over 2.5 million copies.

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Enjoying and maintaining a veggie lifestyle can be easy - and a great way to do it is with tasty meat-free recipes from some of our favourite UK Vegetarian food blogs.

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The Veg Space

Hertfordshire-based Kate Ford has been a vegetarian for more than 20 years and holds a Cordon Vert professional diploma in Vegetarian Cookery, and it really shows with her extensive and varied repertoire. Her blog The Veg Space covers a wide range of recipes, book reviews and product tasting. Since January (Veganuary!) 2016, The Veg Space has been vegan, recipes published prior to 2016 are a mix of vegetarian and vegan.

In 2009 she won the ‘Vegetarian Chef of the Future Competition’ run by the Vegetarian Society, and in 2011 was the creator of the ‘UK’s Tastiest Meat-Free Dish’, winning a competition from Linda McCartney Foods which culminated in her Mushroom & Ale Pie being added to their range.

Kate also has a Vegan recipe book you can try, Vegan in 15: Delicious Plant-based recipes you can cook in 15 minutes or less. 

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Veggie Desserts

Kate’s blog Veggie Desserts is a go-to if you want to up your vegetable intake in your dessert options too, not only that but she has a great selection of breakfast and dinner recipes too. This August also sees the release of her first cookbook, Veggie Desserts + Cakes, we will definitely be pre-ordering this.

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Olive Red Pepper Polenta Muffins By The Flexitarian

The Flexitarian

The Flexitarian, aka The Flexible Vegetarian, is a blog for anyone who wants to eat less meat, exploring issues around food, health, ethics and the environment. Annabelle runs the site, she’s also the co-founder of eco-retailer By Nature. Her guides on how to eat less meat, recipe ideas for the month ahead and delicious recipes will have you go backing to her blog time and time again. It’s great resourceful blog.

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Tinned Tomatoes

Also known as the Scottish Vegetarian, Jaqueline cooks for her young son and vegan husband. The name ‘Tinned Tomatoes’ is a reminder to Jacqueline that there’s more to vegetarian cooking than just that, as it used to be her staple ingredient when she first began creating recipes. The site has been going since 2007 and features bakes as well as savoury choices for vegetarians.

We particularly love her Meat Free Mondays post which includes 7 recipes you can use for the week ahead, we love it when someone else plans our meals for us.

Planet Veggie

Over on Planet Veggie, you’ll find a wide range of recipes, as well as reviews on ready meals, eating out, supplements, products and more. Cathy tries and tests all of her recipes, and she admits she’s not a professional cook, so she’s the perfect go-to if you’re just starting to cook for yourself.

Don’t Feed after Midnight

Sara is an Italian expat living in a little village in Yorkshire with her husband and three cats, you’ll definitely see an influence of Mediterranean flavours in her recipes on Don't Feed After Midnight. She’s been veggie since 2013, and on her blog, you’ll find everyday recipes that are not only delicious but are also easy to make and use common, readily-available ingredients. There’s also a tab for vegan recipes too.

We Don’t Eat Anything with a Face

Lisa’s blog We Don't Eat Anything with a Face has a vegetarian family food focus, so if you’re cooking for your family this is definitely one to bookmark. As a busy working mum, she’s got a wide range of quick and easy, budget-friendly meals that you’ll add to your repertoire with ease. As well as her tried and tested recipes, Lisa also shares reviews on vegetarian, vegan and budget-friendly cookbooks, food/home/kitchen products, restaurants, travel and beauty.

UK Vegetarian Blogs You Need On Your Radar 1

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Veggie Runners

Mother and daughter Jayne and Bibi Rogers from Leeds are as fanatical about running as they are about vegetarian food, but if you're not 100% committed to either of those things, don't be put off – there's a great mix of healthy, protein-packed mains, and more indulgent sweet treats on Veggie Runners.

The Vegetarian Experience

Clare became a vegetarian when she was just 10 and launched the blog The Vegetarian Experience in 2011 to help reverse beliefs that vegetarian food is boring, tasteless and bland. She loves to cook meals from scratch so that she knows what her kids are eating. Her husband and children aren’t completely vegetarian, but they mainly eat vegetarian food. On her blog, you won’t find only vegetarian recipes but also reviews and new vegetarian products.

Delicious from Scratch

Nancy is a big advocate of cooking everything from scratch, so her blog Delicious From Scratch is a great destination for those who want to do the same.  With a great mix of savoury and sweet, this lady is an out and proud cheese fanatic, and it shows. Don’t miss her book How to Cook Halloumi: Vegetarian feasts for every occasion.

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