Wedding hacks every engaged couple needs to know

Taryn Davies
Published: May 25, 2017

Planning a wedding is a mammoth task, and it requires a lot of planning and generally a lot of stress, but these wedding hacks every engaged couple needs might just help ease the stress of your big day.

These little tips might just make your to-do list a little easier, and relieve the pressure that’s undoubtedly going to build up.

Planning a wedding is an expensive and stressful time, but it’s something that you should both enjoy doing because you’ll feel a lot more relaxed and excited to enjoy the big day.

With the help of, we have the 18 wedding hacks every engaged couple needs to know.

Create a wedding email

Create a separate email address for all of your wedding admin. This ensures that you won’t miss any important emails in an overflowing inbox. Having everything in one place will give you peace of mind and keep you organised.

Or set up your own website

You could even set up your own wedding site and this way you have all the information in one place, whether it’s information about the day, places to stay nearby, gifts, or even the ability to RSVP. WordPress is a great way to easily set up a site, it’s free and they have tonnes of tutorials to help you along the way.

Forget the extras you don’t really need 

There are plenty of small things that can be done for a wedding that you don't really need, save the dates, a wedding video, consider whether you'll actually really want them or need them, and forget about them if you don't. Wedding hacks every engaged couple needs to know

The easy way to table plan

Table plans can take a lot of time and effort, and can sometimes require careful planning if you want to keep certain people away from each other. The best thing to do is use sticky notes because it's easy to swap and change them between the tables.

Freeze your cake

Before you wrap up your wedding cake to freeze, freeze it without any wrapping for half an hour so that the icing won’t stick to the foil or film.

Number your RSVP cards

Writing numbers on the back of your RSVP cards and taking record of each recipient’s number ensures that, regardless of if their handwriting is illegible or they forget to write their name on the card, you’ll know exactly who your response is from.

Pour salt on your dress

If you spill red wine or another dark liquid on your wedding dress, pour table salt over the stain immediately. The salt will absorb the majority of the stain and you can always get the dress professional cleaned afterwards.

Meet the DJ

Before your big day, be sure to have met your DJ. This way you can make sure that you’re all on the same page in terms of which songs you want to play. You can even give the DJ a list of songs you and your guests want to hear and make sure that they are up for taking requests the night of the wedding. This way, you and your guests will have no excuses not to dance the night away.

Wedding hacks every engaged couple needs to know

Prep your photographer

Whether you want staged photographs or more relaxed photos of your big day, it’s important that your photographer knows this. Plus you’re paying a LOT of money to have memories of your big day. Make a Pinterest board of wedding pictures that you like and share it with your photographer. This way, they’ll have an idea of some of the shots you’re interested in and you'll definitely get more of what you want.

Practise your kiss

You and your spouse’s first kiss as a married couple is likely to be in front of a lot of people, so there’s no harm in practising before the nuptials. Make sure that you and your partner are both on the same page with details such as how long the kiss is going to be and who is going to move their head to which side to ensure there’s no awkwardness on the big day.

Have an emergency kit

A lot of mishaps can happen on your wedding day, so make sure that you’re prepared. By carrying – or having someone else carry for you – a collection of emergency items, you’ll be warding off any potential crises. In your emergency kit, include things like spare hairpins, safety pins, a needle and three in the colour of your outfit, plasters and hairspray.

Bring flat/comfortable shoes

As the bride or groom, you’ll likely be on your feet all day, and by the time the after-party kicks off, your feet will be begging you to slip into something more comfortable. Because of this, be sure to bring a spare pair of comfortable shoes so that you and your partner will have no excuse to not get on the dance floor at your wedding.

Wedding hacks every engaged couple needs to know

Supply comfortable shoes

Similarly, investing in budget-friendly pairs of flip flops for your guests so that they have something to change into if their feet begin to hurt. Weddings can be really tough on feet, so providing comfortable footwear should keep everyone happy.

Weigh down your veil

Particularly if you’re having an outdoor wedding or you’re going to be taking photographs outside, veils have a habit of blowing around in the breeze. To prevent this from happening, but tiny veil weights to weight it down –you can stitch them into the hem of the veil so that no one has to know.

Create a hashtag

Instead of hounding your family and friends to send you pictures of your wedding while you’re waiting for the ones from the professionals, get them to use a specific wedding hashtag every time they post photos on social media. This way, all of the pictures will be in one, organised place so you and your partner can go through them easily and reminisce your big day.

Wedding hacks every engaged couple needs to know

Entertain the children

If children will be attending your wedding, make sure that you provide them with something to keep them quiet and entertained throughout the ceremony – this could be a colouring book or a soft toy.

Hide a tissue in your bouquet

By discreetly slipping a tissue into your bouquet, you’ll always have a tissue to hand during the wedding ceremony. That way, if you get emotional at the altar, you can quickly wipe away your tears without having the hassle of trying to locate a tissue.

Wear a shirt

When you’re getting ready for your big day, make sure you’re wearing a button-down shirt. This will prevent you from having to pull a t-shirt or jumper over your head and ruin your hair and makeup.