Weird side effects of PMS that you probably didn’t know about

Kathryn Kearns
Published: August 16, 2015

Marathon runner, Karin Ghandi certainly got one thing right when explaining her reasons for going Tampon free in the London marathon. Periods do have a stigma. Women do feel like they need to hide them away and pretend they don’t exist despite the cramping, intense pain and general awfulness they put us through. So let’s talk about it.

Periods are a huge part of a woman’s life and an even bigger pain in the fallopian tubes. We all know the obvious, downright crappy symptoms of PMS such as pain, bloating, tender breasts, low mood and fatigue. But there are other, weirder side effects of PMS that are less talked about, and just as irritating.

Not everyone experiences periods in the same way, but we bet you’ll identify with the majority of these weird symptoms, even if you hadn’t realised they were due to your cycle.

Your poop gets weird

Yep, it all happens down below when you’re on your period. The reason for this is either your engorged uterus pressing against your colon or the inevitable peak in your hormones. Some people experience constipation, while others get diarrhoea. Oh the joys!


You become more sensitive to pain

Everything hurts more than usual at this time. Ever tried getting a wax on your period? If you have then you’ll know the pain. It’s not just your stomach that’s painful, everything else hurts too. No wonder we’re so emotional.


You’re clumsier

You’re more likely to drop things and may even trip over your own shadow when on your period. You feel like a right royal mess, and you end up acting like one too. Doctors are still unsure why but they think it’s due to high estrogen levels making your liver produce hormones that affect your kidneys, which then causes fluid retention in your body and brain.

Maybe you shouldn’t anything dangerous during this time. In fact it’s probably best for everyone if you stay indoors.


You’re more anxious

A less common side effect is anxiety. However, we imagine that it’s probably made worse by the constant worry of leakage. Advice to women everywhere – never organise anything stressful during your period. It’s not worth it.

Via Trex runner

Your body temperature increases

Oh yes, this little gem. Thanks to a drop in estrogen just before your period, an increase in body temperature results in difficulty sleeping and in some cases insomnia. This is made worse if you choose to use a heat pad or hot water bottle to ease your stomach pain. And men wonder we get so cranky.

Via uk.eonline

Your hands and feet swell

Though not true in all cases, just like your stomach, your extremities can swell. It’s like someone’s idea of a sick joke. Due to increased water retention, not only do we feel disgusting, now we have the hands and feet of a clown. Thanks mother nature.


You become an unsociable recluse

At this time women can also develop hermit features, (figuratively speaking of course). You don’t care if Jennifer Lawrence wants to hang out or if Chris Pratt swiped right on Tinder. You’re not moving from the couch.


Your senses increase

Unfortunately not like Superwoman, but it can be both good and bad. On one hand you experience better orgasms during this time, but you can also smell your partner’s sweaty gym clothes before he even enters the house.


You’re hornier than usual

This is just typical. You don’t let him touch you with a barge pole for the rest of the month, then when your period comes along, your sex drive increases big time. This is great if you don’t mind having sex while on your period. But for those who can’t bare the thought, it can be very frustrating.


Your concentration goes out the window

You are definitely more easily distracted when you’re PMSing. I mean, how can you concentrate with all of this going on. The scientific reason? Your cycle is interfering with your “neurotransmitters.” ^^