What Flavours Are The Best To Mix With Tobacco Eliquid

Published: September 29, 2022

For many vapers or e-smokers who are making the transition from traditional smoking, finding the best flavour can help them make the change faster. With that in mind, some smokers also like to keep a hint of the tobacco smell and flavour in their devices. 

If you’re looking to expand on your love for tobacco scents and flavours, below we’ve outlined some of the best flavours to mix with tobacco e-liquid

What Flavours Are The Best To Mix With Tobacco Eliquid 


Apple flavourings are great when paired with tobacco as you can get a sweet taste alongside the tobacco flavours. When mixed together, smokers can expect a deep tobacco taste with an apple afterbite that leaves them wanting more. 


Butterscotch is sweet in another way when compared to apple flavourings. This has more of a grounded taste that makes the tobacco flavour more muted yet sweeter, giving smokers just a hint of what they love so much with a creamy aftertaste. 

Salted Caramel 

Salted Caramel works with tobacco flavourings thanks to its dynamic flavour. With its mix of sweet and savoury, this flavour gives tobacco tastes that extra kick. 


Another mutable flavour is vanilla. Although some smokers may say this flavour is bland, it can be just the hint of sweetness you need. When combined with tobacco, vanilla makes your smoke smoother and less bitter. 


Much like vanilla, cream vape flavourings can pair great with tobacco when given the chance. It can make the overall smoke smooth and creamy and offers a hint of sweetness to take the edge off of any harsh tobacco flavour. 


This may be considered more out there when it comes to tobacco-flavoured e-cigs, but we personally love it! Think of it as mint chocolate chip flavouring, you either love it or hate it. Any smokers who like menthol cigarettes will personally love this combo, but don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself!